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Friday, November 20, 2015

Back To Blogging

Cocaine Princess here.

My brief hiatus is over as I've returned back from my vacation. I had the most amazing time which I'll be posting about shortly--- also I'll be blogging about the Madonna concert from a few weeks ago and yes---- how I ended up braless and eating vending machine food. I haven't forgotten about that! 

These past few months were so busy for me. A cluster of events that were so close together occurred which resulted in my slow blogging, however regular blogging begins next week. 

In my last post I was asked by one of my loyal readers to post an outfit of my Halloween costume.


Pretty cute, isn't it?! 


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday. 
Whatever your plans are have a terrific weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess 

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Miniature Philosopher Once Said....

Cocaine Princess here, 

A miniature philosopher once said....

Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see." ~Linus Van Pelt 

Ahh yes my Lovely Ones, tomorrow is Halloween. *Insert sinister laugh*

For as long as I can remember (next to Christmas) I love Halloween! I ask, what's not to love?

1. Decorating the house in ghoulish decorations.

2.Choosing a costume & getting a pumpkin.

3. Scaring yourself silly watching horror films, (Watching "A Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Insidious" doesn't seem as frightening in the month of July)

4. Buying Halloween chocolates and buying an extra box to keep for yourself.

5. Ordering the Pumpkin Spice donut from Tim Horton's. Yum!

6. Watching "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

7. Running from house to house ringing the doorbell while saying "Treat or Trick." (The only day of the year where kids are allowed to talk to strangers and accept candy)

8. You can away with talking like Bela Lugosi — “I vant to suck your blood.”

As an adult not much has really changed-- except I don't go Trick or Treating anymore. It's all about the party.  

I've picked out a costume, the house is decorated, ate a pumpkin spiced donut, watched horror films and the Peanuts special, boxes of mini sized chocolates have been bought and I've been driving my sister crazy while talking in a Romanian accent all week. Hehehe. 

Each year I post a Halloween themed song. I have two favorites but seeing how I've posted Heart by Pet Shop Boys and The Morning After Dark by Timbaland in my previous posts, I thought I'd pick something different. Hmm, I think the one I've selected qualifies as being somewhat Halloween-ish. For reasons I can't figure out MTV banned this video.


I'll be going on a hiatus for about a week or so. Why? Vaycay time!! Whoo! I can already feel the warm, silky sand in between my pedicured toes.


My loyal and dear readers, it's Devil's Night!!
Whatever your plans are have a devilish weekend and watch out for The Boogeyman. Mwaaaah. ~x 

Cocaine Princess

Friday, October 16, 2015

Rebel Heart Part 1

Cocaine Princes here.

Last weekend I attended Madonna's Rebel Heart Concert in support of her latest album-- Rebel Heart. Sister & I decided to make a day out of it by spending it in the city. We left around noon and after doing a little shopping in trendy Yorkville we headed on over to the Air Canada Center.

The concert was scheduled to start at 8pm but sissy-poo & I had dinner reservations for 6pm at The Air Canada Club. And let me tell you our table for two was fantastic and I'll explain in a moment why. Since we were attending the concert we were presented with The Rebel Heart Dinner Menu.

I scratched my head when I saw Lobster Deviled Potatoes on the menu. I'm not going to Iie-- that sounded awful but then again I don't like seafood. I started off with a Caesar salad.  Please excuse the blurry shot.

For my main course I decided on the Classic Double Cheeseburger with BBQ Kettle Chips.

The burger was enormous! Clearly it didn't occur to me that it would be gourmet and not your typical fast food type burger. I had to literally flatten it with the palm of my manicured hand but the damn thing kept popping back up. I had no choice but to cut the sucker in half and even then it was still too big to eat. I didn't want to but I had no choice but to eat it with a knife and fork. 

As I mentioned earlier our table for two was fantastic! Why? Because we were seated within a hands reach away from the curtain that was covering the auditorium and Madonna happened to be in rehearsal!! Three other tables were nearby and let's just say we were all in the platinum section. Prior to be being seated we were told not to peak behind the curtains and pictures were definitely a no-no until the curtains were lifted. The curtains would be raised at 7pm when the doors would open for concert go-ers to be seated. Instead what kept on happening? Patrons who were seated in other areas of the restaurant kept not just crossing over into our section (upon hearing the music) but they also kept peaking behind the curtain to take pictures prompting the security guards to delete their pictures.

I however was able to sneak a shot without even having to get up. There was a slight opening on the curtain, nothing too big but it gave me a good view of the stage. I had to be careful since security was everywhere. I pretended I was taking a picture of my dinner. 

I know what you're thinking-- this picture has already been posted but take a good look again. In between the kettle chips & burger can you see a shiny light? Voila the stage! 

By 7:30pm the auditorium was filled to capacity. Prior to sitting down we headed to the merchandise area to buy some souvenirs. 



The cost of the T-shirt was $65.00 yet the programme was only $30.00. I couldn't understand why the shirt cost more than the programme?

Now the show was suppose to start at 8:00pm until we all had been informed it wasn't starting until 9pm creating a loud uproar among the fans. What could we do? Nothing really, right? After all it was Madonna & we were on The Material Girl's time. 

By 9:05pm there was still no Madonna. 9:15.....9:30pm.....Nothing. Not a peep.

It wasn't until 10pm the lights finally went out and the music finally started with Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Starting Something....

To Be Continued.

Oh by the way---- here's the outfit I wore to the concert. Pretty cute isn't it? 


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.
Whatever your plans are have a phenomenal weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, October 9, 2015

Long Weekend

Cocaine Princess here.

What a week it's been-- & what a great one too. Madonna's concert on Monday night was phenomenal!! 57 years old & she killed it. Last night I was at a VIP Fashion Event involving fashion & alcohol & I just realized the other day it's Long Weekend for us Canadians! 

Thanksgiving/Harvest Time is upon us--- Let The Weekend Of Over Eating Begin!

Next week I'll be posting about the concert. I would have blogged the entry today but let's just say I may have indulged in a little too much champagne earlier tonight.


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.
Whatever your plans are have a loving weekend. ~x 

Cocaine Princess 

Friday, October 2, 2015


Cocaine Princess here.

Well first off I'd like to say how happy I am that the world did not come to an end.
210 days ago I purchased 2 tickets for sister and I to see the one and only Madonna perform in concert  in support of her thirteenth studio album Rebel Heart. Only 3 more days remain til The Material Girl hits the!! Words can't express how happy and excited I am-- and the fact it happens to be Paris Fashion Week and later on today Christian Dior presents his SS16 Collection. Talk about icing on the cake! I'll be blogging plenty about the concert next week. 

An of course what better way to end this post but with a song. Have you heard this one?

"....Twisted rope, handcuffs, blindfolds, stringer pearls
Neckties, silk scarf, silver chains, pretty girls...."


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a splendid first weekend of October.~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, September 25, 2015

Memo To Self: Stock Up On Vodka

Cocaine Princess here.

Once again the world is coming to an end-- at least that's what the mongers of doom are predicting.

According to one pastor a rare astrological event on Sunday could herald the end of days. The fourth lunar eclipse in just two years, known as a 'tetrad', will take place on Sunday September 27th, and each one has taken place on Jewish holy days.

The eclipses make the moon appear red - hence the name 'Blood Moon' - and the fourth and final in this tetrad will be a Supermoon, making it appear larger.

Some Christians believe the celestial event could mark the start of terrible events, based on a passage from the Bible that says: 'The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes.'

Their fears are not helped by the fact that each of the four blood moons in this tetrad have fallen on April 14, 2014 (Passover), October 8, 2014 (Feast of the Tabernacle), April 4, 2015 (Passover) and September 28, the first day of this year's Feast of the Tabernacle.

The Blood Moon Prophecy has been largely propagated by two enormously influential Christian ministers, Mark Blitz and John Hagee, both of whom have written books on the subject.

Blitz, who leads the El Shaddai Ministries in Washington, wrote a bestseller called “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs” and is regarded as a modern prophet by his thousands of followers.

“The heavens are God’s billboard,” John Hagee says in his book.

“He’s been sending signals to Earth, and we haven’t been picking them up. Two blood moons, in 2014 and 2015, point to dramatic events in the Middle East and, as a result, changes in the whole world.”

According to Wikipedia, the “idea of a blood moon serving as an omen of the coming of the end times comes from the Book of Joel, where it is written ‘the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.'”

“The heavens are God’s billboard,” Hagee says in the book. “He’s been sending signals to Earth, and we haven’t been picking them up. Two blood moons, in 2014 and 2015, point to dramatic events in the Middle East and, as a result, changes in the whole world.”

According to Wikipedia, the “idea of a blood moon serving as an omen of the coming of the end times comes from the Book of Joel, where it is written ‘the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”

Many Mormons have expressed fears that a major earthquake will strike Utah on the night of the blood moon. Others reportedly anticipate a military invasion, technological disruptions and general chaos and hysteria. Mixing a brew of biblical prophecies, the Hebrew calendar, a volatile economy, world politics, and astronomical occurrences, hordes of Utahns have become convinced that calamitous events are imminent — maybe by month’s end — and are taking every precaution.

They are called “preppers” and are buying up food-storage kits, flashlights, blankets and tents. Some are even bracing to leave their homes, if need be. At American Fork’s Thrive Life, which sells mostly freeze-dried food, sales have shot up by “500 percent or more in the past couple of months,” says customer-service representative Ricardo Aranda.

Hmm, memo to self--- Stock Up On Vodka. 

Here’s how the doomsday scenario plays out: History, some preppers believe, is divided into seven-year periods — like the Hebrew notion of “shemitah” or Sabbath. In 2008, seven years after 9/11, the stock market crashed, a harbinger of a devastating recession. It’s been seven years since then and Wall Street has been fluctuating wildly in recent weeks in the wake of China devaluing its currency.

Thus, they believe, starting Sept. 13, the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, there will be another, even larger financial crisis, based on the United States’ “wickedness.” That will launch the “days of tribulation” — as described in the Bible.” Some even believe the Four Horsemen will be making an appearance, a true sign that the rapture is upon us.

If I see them I'll definitely take a picture and post it on Instagram. #endoftheworld #bloodmoon

If the world does come to an end this Sunday I will be completely devastated-- Paris Fashion Week begins on September 30th!!

No one can predict when the world will come to an end but if the Rapture is indeed this week what better song to play than Rapture, right? 

It's hard to believe this song is 14 years old. DJ Armin Van Buuren released the remix version back in 2012 and all I can say is Nadia Ali is still amazing as ever. 

Did I mention this is my ultimate, favorite Euro song?


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a wicked first weekend of Fall.~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Quick Update

Cocaine Princess here.

Total exhaustion has set in for me this week & in saying that you'd think I would be sleeping better, right? WRONG! It's still an on-going battle between me and the nasty Sandman. But I know one day I'm going to win the battle!!

In other news, beginning next week I'll be back to regular Friday postings.


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a tremendous weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, September 4, 2015

Excuse Me While I Roll My Eyes....

Cocaine Princess here.

As I explained in last week's entry I'll be back to posting my regular Friday entries shortly. In saying that I do appreciate your patience and as always your comments.

I can't believe September has arrived. It seemed like only yesterday it was June! My, how time flies. The weather is still hot and muggy up here in The Great White North but it's only a matter of time when the weather will turn from extremely hot to brutally cold. And needless to say I for one am not looking forward to that.

Are any of my lovelies Taylor Swift fans? I think she's quite a talented artist. I like her music and her videos. Speaking of videos, have you checked out her latest song titled, "Wildest Dreams." The video debuted this past Sunday during the MTV Awards.

The video was directed by Joseph Kahn and revolves around two 1950s-era movie stars-- played by Taylor Swift and Scott Eastwood, son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood. Yes, the same Clint Eastwood that was seen talking to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican Convention.

I happen to think the song and video is absolutely beautiful but not everyone feels the same way. Critics were quick to condemn the video as being racist, and based on a glamorous white colonial fantasy."

Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Seriously?! Some people really do have too much time on their hands nit-picking or finding the worst in every teeny, little thing.

Director Joseph Kahn defended his work:

 'Wildest Dreams is a song about a relationship that was doomed, and the music video concept was that they were having a love affair on location away from their normal lives. This is not a video about colonialism but a love story on the set of a period film crew in Africa, 1950."

"The video is based on classic Hollywood romances like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, as well as classic movies like The African Queen, Out of Africa and The English Patient, to name a few."

My first thoughts? Believe it or not Elizabeth Taylor came to mind, in particular a commercial that seems to air only around the holidays. Hmm, isn't it funny how the mind works?

So my Lovelies, what are your thoughts about the video "Wildest Dreams?"

Oh and by the way, is Scott not the spitting image of his dad in his younger days? Wow! And of course the obvious--- Scott is one handsome man. 


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.
Whatever your plans are have a wonderful Looooong Weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, August 28, 2015


Cocaine Princess here.

Most if not often the summer months are usually a slow time for me but this summer has been nothing short of busy and I feel as if I'm neglecting my awesome little blog.

From the bottom of my heart I apologize for the lack of stellar posts which you have all become use to and I promise I will be back to posting my usual Friday entries very soon! 

In the meantime, Happy Friday Lovely Ones........Mwaaaaah!

My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are, have a tremendous last weekend of August.~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Song For Someone

Cocaine Princess here.

It's no big secret I love Brit~Coms and the BBC. With that being said, a few nights ago I caught an episode of "The Graham Norton Show." One of guests to appear was music group U2 where they sang one incredible song.

Take a listen.....


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a spectacular weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess