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Friday, October 24, 2014

Nuns & Chainsaws

Cocaine Princess here.

Back in 1984, my all time favorite singer Madonna, released her second album, Like A Virgin. One of the singles from the hit album, "Like A Virgin" attracted the attention of family organizations who complained that the video and the song, promoted sex without marriage and undermined family values, offering an unsavory image of Madonna as a whore. Outraged moralists condemned her as a sex kitten and sought to ban the song and the video. Conservatives were angered that Madonna dared to portray religious symbolism and the virginal wedding attire in a sexual context. She performed the song for the first time on September 18th,1984 at the first MTV Video Music awards. Wearing a wedding dress and a belt buckle that said "Boy Toy," she sang a sultry version, ending with a simulated orgasm. In 2000 Madonna herself spoke about the song:

I was surprised by how people reacted to "Like a Virgin" because when I did that song, to me, I was singing about how something made me feel a certain way – brand-new and fresh – and everyone interpreted it as I don't want to be a virgin anymore. F*ck my brains out! That's not what I sang at all. "Like a Virgin" was always absolutely ambiguous.

And now in the year 2014 a nun --yes that is not a typo--has re-recorded the song. This past year Sister Cristina from Sicily won the Italian version of The Voice talent show. She had surprised the judges at her audition in March and then triumphed reciting the Lord's Prayer at the final and signed a deal with Universal for the album due out next month.

So why this particular song?

“I chose it myself. Without any desire to provoke or scandalise,” Scuccia, 26, told the Catholic newspaper Avvenire.  "If you read the lyrics without being influenced by what has gone before, you discover that it is a song about the capacity of love to make people new again. To release them from their past. And this is how I wanted to interpret it." 


Not everyone is a fan of Sister Scuccia's new musical career. Catholic bishops have distanced themselves following her album release. Like the original, the video for the song was shot in Venice, with Sister Cristina dressed in her trademark black habit, sensible shoes and crucifix, performing against a moody black and white backdrop of church spires and cupolas. The video was criticized as a "reckless and calculated commercial operation" in an editorial by the Servizio Informazione Religiosa (Religious Information Service) news agency, which is closely connected to the Italian Bishops’ Conference. There was also criticism from Famiglia Cristiana (The Christian Family), an influential Catholic magazine, which said the nun’s performance for her debut album verged on "prima donna behavior".

The album includes a cover version of Alicia Keys’ No One, which the young nun performed on The Voice and which first brought her to worldwide attention. There are also hits by Jessie J, Coldplay and Cyndi Lauper.  

Let's hope it's not She Bop!

So, what does the Queen of Pop have to say about all this? Yesterday morning Madonna posted the following on her twitter page:

Like A Virgin?

Followed by this one hours later:

Sisters for Life!
 The original video:

Sister Cristina's version:


And in other news.....

 Halloween is exactly one week away and I love everything that relates to this day. However, this is perhaps taking it a little too far. A prank titled "Chainsaw Massacre Prank!" features a chainsaw-wielding psychopath dragging a bloody, dismembered, corpse in a parking structure as unsuspecting passerbys scream and run from the carnage. The video uploaded last week has already garnered over 26 million YouTube views.

I admit the videos are both entertaining and terrifying but if I was to actually witness something like this, I'm not going to lie, I'd probably die of a heart attack. 

What do you think? 


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a superb weekend.~x

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Friday, October 17, 2014

At The Track: The Queens Plate

Cocaine Princess here.

Several entries ago I posted part 1 of "At The Track." I know it's been awhile but here is part 2. 

"Day of The Queens Plate"

By 7:30am I was out the door with my makeup done. I had an 8:30am appointment with my hair dresser in the next town over. Luckily my hairdresser happens also to be a good friend of mine. The Queens Plate was starting at 12pm and on Sundays her salon opens at 11am. I was grateful for her seeing me so early. After getting my hair done I was on my way to the races. 

It was close to noon by the time I arrived. The parking lot was jammed packed and 3 tour buses had arrived. Thank Goodness or perhaps it's better that I say, Thank Mother Nature the weather that day was beyond fantastic. Temperatures soared to +35C. The walk from the parking lot to the inside of Woodbine was an extremely long one and not to mention the countless number of steps I had to climb. With the exception of a few, every guy and girl was dressed to the nines. The ones that weren't wore jeans, Hawaiian printed shirts and baseball caps. I came to the conclusion they weren't interested in partying but were there to bet on the horses

 The inside of Woodbine was like a sea of humanity. I literally had to push my way through the crowd. The entire event was free but I was advised to get a ticket and the advantage of having one meant being able to watch the races while sitting in comfort instead of standing in the blazing heat and watching it on the enormous big screen outside for the ones who didn't buy a ticket.

Here are a few pictures I took inside:

Poster advertising "The Hats & Horseshoe Party"

News advertisement from yester-year. Check out the cost of the dress, $2.95!!

Display and video footage awards of past winners.

Hardcore gamblers betting on other games. This entire area reeked of alcohol.

I was escorted to my seat by a security guard whose arm was literally the size of my entire body. The ultimate race, "The Queens Plate wasn't happening until later in the day so there weren't a lot of people yet. The majority of them were outside at the party. I decided to watch a few of the races. Before each race the names of the horses and the odds of them winning were displayed on the electronic display board.

I consulted my programme guide for more information. I'm not going to lie, when it comes to placing bets I'm completely clueless.

Although I did find the horses names interesting.

Jack Pine, Spin The King, Proroguing, Endeavor's Dream.

Seated near me was an adorable little blond wearing a fedora and sunglasses. I suppose if I was a parent I wouldn't be comfortable with a complete stranger taking pictures of my child but seeing how I'm not a parent we'll just say I don't know any better. Before each race began the little boy's mommy would ask which horse he liked, "horsie number 1, or number 2" and so on. For one of the races he said he liked "horsie number 4 and as soon as the race began he started yelling "go horsie 4! Go horsie 4!" Seriously, it was so cute.

 Pictures of the race:

During the fifth race seated behind me was a gentleman whose uncle owned one of the horses (I know this on account of the loud conversation he was having on the phone) With one hand in the air he kept on screaming, "GO! GO GO!" At one point I turned around to take a look at him. He was standing on his seat and his face was so red from screaming that I was afraid the vein that had bulged on his forehead was going to burst wide open. When his horse didn't win he uttered very loudly the following words, "F*CK! F*CK! F*CK!

Sheesh! One had to wonder how much money Mr. Potty Mouth had lost?

To Be Continued.


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a lively weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, October 10, 2014

Harvest 2014

Cocaine Princess here.

Autumn is definitely here. The leaves are starting to fall and change colors and there is a crisp and coolness in the air.

It's the Long Weekend for us up here. The 1st Long Weekend of Autumn. It's Harvest-Time, aka Thanksgiving. Our annual Canadian holiday which celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

Those of you who know me are well aware I don't eat turkey for Thanksgiving. And for any of my new readers who are wondering why it's because I have a serious dislike for the bird. I've tried different variations of it too, fried, baked, roasted.... When it comes to eating birds chicken is my choice, preferably hot and spicy.

More than often this grand country of mine is the butt of many jokes especially for media. Some things I can understand are worth making fun of but then there are other things that I don't really understand and think, why is that funny? For example, our milk comes in plastic bags and not cartons and yet for some reason this is worth making fun of?

Anyways, I came across a list appropriately title, "You're A Canadian If" which fits nicely into this post.

"You're A Canadian If"

-You know how to pronounce and spell Saskatchewan without blinking.

-You put on shorts as soon as it hits plus 10, even if there is still snow around.

-You know what a toque is.

-You are excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.

-You make a mental note to talk about it at work the next day.

-You use a red pen on your non-Canadian textbooks and fill in the missing 'u's from labor, honor, and color.

-You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.

-Pike is a type of fish, not some part of a highway.

-You drive on a highway, not a freeway.

-You know what a Robertson screwdriver is.

-You understand the sentence, "Could you please pass me a serviette, I just spilled my poutine."

-You drink pop, not soda

-You love your fries with poutine

-You go to the washroom, not the restroom or bathroom.

-Someone accidentally stepped on your foot. You apologize. 

-You stepped on someone's foot. You apologize, then apologize for making them apologize. 

-You have worn shorts and a parka at the same time

 -"Eh" is a very important part of your vocabulary and you understand all the 1,000 different meanings of "eh"... eh?


This year I have a lot to be thankful for, way too many for me to list. Truly I am grateful. Thank You, Universe.

My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a sweet & tasty weekend. (I know I will be) ~x

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Stay Tuned......

Cocaine Princess here.

Friday's entry will be posted *****next Friday. 


Cocaine Princess

Saturday, September 27, 2014

7 Years Today!!

Cocaine Princess here.

Today my blog celebrates an anniversary.

7 years ago I published my very 1st post on blogger. Including this one I've gone on to post 609 awesome entries.

I appreciate and thank all those who take time out of their day to read my blog and comment.

Extra special thanks and hugs go to one particular person (you know who you are) for putting me on the map. Mwaaaah!! ~x

Once more, thank you to all my loyal and dear readers.

Cocaine Princess

Thursday, September 25, 2014


......And you will find that people that you really love, they may leave you outwardly, but they never leave you inwardly."

Happy Birthday, Mom.

I Love you & Miss You Beyond Words.

Latin Kisses & Hugs,

Colombian Princess

Friday, September 19, 2014

At The Track: Finding The Perfect Outfit

Cocaine Princess here.

During the summer I attended The Queen's Plate---- Canada's oldest thoroughbred horse race and the oldest continuously run race in North America.

This year the Queen's Plate was celebrating their 155th anniversary. I've never had any interest in horse racing let alone horses so my primary interest for going was to attend the Hats & Horseshoe Party. As soon as I received my invite all I could think about was 'what am I going to wear?' Picture an enormous fancy English, style garden party surrounded by a horse-track.  

The first thing I purchased was my hat. I decided to go with a fuchsia colored fascinator. 

Similar to The Kentucky Derby hats were a requirement for the party. The tradition of wearing hats originates from the country of my birthplace, England. Back in the day the Queen was often the center of attention at the races, as to what color and style of hat she would be wearing.

Since the late 1800s, women who attended the races were encouraged to dress to impress with all sorts of colors, designs and sizes that make them standout among the crowd. As years progressed it became more of a fashion event. (So you can understand why I was excited to go!!)  

Next on the list was my outfit. The one thing I wasn't going to wear was a dress. I wanted to do something different only because I knew a lot of the women would be wearing the typical A-line style dresses. Not that there's anything wrong with that but I wanted to be a little different.

I lost count how many different malls and stores I visited looking for the perfect outfit. I'm not sure how many of my loyal, male readers will relate to this but then again maybe you will--- have you ever seen an article of clothing at a store and it just spoke to you, 'Buy me! Buy me!' This has happened to me countless times so I knew that's what would happen when I would see the perfect outfit. 3 months went by and nothing spoke to me. I was almost at the point of pulling out my hair when I saw there were only 2 weeks left on the calendar but thankfully I finally found what I was looking for one day while in the city. I saw the outfit displayed in a boutique on a mannequin. It wasn't so much speaking to me as it was screaming, "Buy me! Buy me!"

A mint colored, backless halter mini romper. Isn't it cute! 


Hat- check!

Next up--- shoes. Because I wanted everything to be color coordinated finding my outfit was a piece of cake compared to finding my shoes. I needed the exact same shade of pink as my fascinator. I went to a bridal store and figured I would get a pair custom dyed to match my hat. The only problem with that was I wasn't happy with the type of shoes they had available. The three different bridal stores I went to all carried the same type of shoe-- and they were all really ugly. Ick! Panic began to set in when I realized I had less than 72 hours. When I told sister her brilliant solution was to just wear a pair of black stilettos.

ME: Black?!

 I immediately showed her the outfit I was planning to wear.

ME: Do you see any black in this outfit?


ME: Exactly. So you see why I can't wear black stilettos?

SISTER: Darling, what are they going to do if you show up wearing black shoes-- not let you into the party?

ME: Yes and they might ban me from attending next year's party. Is that what you want?

Of course they weren't going to but I just wanted to be perfectly matched from head to toe!

ME: I have searched everywhere, high and low and nobody has the shade of pink or style I need.

SISTER: Did you try here in town?

ME: No.

I live in a very small town. Our biggest store is the Walmart Super Center. Most of the stores in town are independently owned, stores I normally don't shop in.

ME: Hmm, maybe I should swing by.

Who knew sister's recommendation would turn out to be a good thing. One of the shoe stores had the exact shade of pink and style I wanted--- but they didn't have my size.

ME: Why are the Fashion Gods doing this to me?

The saleslady laughed however I was in no laughing mood. When I explained my dilemma she said she could have the stilettos shipped from their supplier in my size. Just to make sure I tried the same pair on in white. They fit perfectly!! I told her I needed the shoes asap and she assured me they would be at her store within 24hours---- provided I pay for the transfer fee. The shoe supplier was located in the United States so on top of paying for the shoes and transfer fee, I also had to pay for the shipping fee as well as the customs and duty tax. 

Good Lord! My shoes ended up costing more than my outfit, hat and ticket combined.

To Be Continued.....


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a fantastic weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, September 12, 2014

Quick Question

Cocaine Princess here.

One of the many things I did with friends during the summer was go to the horse track, it was my first time ever going to one.

I'll be blogging more about my experience next week but I first wanted to know if any of my lovely readers have ever gone to the track to bet and if so what was your experience like?

To Be Continued.

My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday & the start of London Fashion Week! Here Come The Brits!!!

Whatever your plans are have a tremendous weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess

Friday, September 5, 2014


Cocaine Princess here.


September is here. I can't believe how quickly summer just flew by. I'll be back to posting on a regular basis beginning next week. Let's just say I'm still recovering from Labor Day celebrations.

In the meantime---

I came across this video on youtube. Check it out.

Hmm, I think this is one of those pranks which could have gone terribly wrong. Let's hope she's okay. 


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have an incredible first week of September. ~x

Cocaine Princess

Monday, September 1, 2014

"A Little Party Never Killed Nobody"

Cocaine Princess here.

I can't believe it's already September. Although we had less than a handful of really hot days my friends and I had a blast each and every-night. Despite seeing Halloween & Harvest decorations in stores this past week, Labor Day is not the end of summer but it is officially the last summer long weekend........and we are planning on ending it on a bang!!

My lovelies, stay safe & have fun!!

Happy Labor Day 

Cocaine Princess