Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Time: New Shoes

Cocaine Princess here.

It was touch and go for awhile and some of us had lost all hope but it happened. It finally happened. Spring has sprung. The effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder have vanished. Trust me the lack of light during the winter months can make a person grumpy. All I can say is, it’s about damn time Mother Nature and even though you don’t deserve it after the snow and ice you unleashed on us, thank you. Thank you for bringing spring to us.

Yes my lovelies it’s that time of year again where all you see are pastel colors, dyed eggs, jelly beans and adorable bunnies. Bunnies so adorable where the moment you lay your eyes on them all you want to do is pick them up and cuddle them. No, I’m not talking about the bunnies who live in the mansion. I’m referring to the other bunnies. You know the ones with a soft, white fluffy tail. Hmm, now that I think about it both type of bunnies have a white and soft fluffy tail.

The meteorological conditions have improved up here. The air smells better, a little more fragrant. What a joy it is to be able to wake up in the mornings and open up the blinds and not having to see my windows covered in snow or not having to bundle up each time I need to go out. Replacing heavy sweaters are light spring clothing. The best part? My stilettos! Yes my precious stilettos are back and the moment my tootsies slid into them I closed my eyes and said, ahhh. The feeling was nothing less than sheer bliss. To celebrate I did a little happy dance in the garage one day. I no longer need to wait for salt trucks to salt the sidewalks so I can go for my morning jogs and I even don’t mind being chased by the dogs. I'm not sure why but when I'm out for my run there's at least 1 or 2 dogs who bolt from their owners and begin chasing after me. Oh and speaking of dogs the arrival of spring also means the hideous creature with 4 legs will be spending more time outdoors. This is the part where I let out a depressing sigh. I do believe that is the only downside to spring. Please don’t get me wrong: I’m not a dog hater but seriously the creature gets more and more hideous each time I see it. I keep wondering is it a dog or is it a creature with fur that escaped from a science lab? Its’ bark is even weird sounding. It's not a normal typical doggie bark. I do admit it melts my heart the way my neighbor’s children shower their creature-pet with affection.

Besides the weather improving so have people’s moods. There is a happy spring in their step and I no longer hear anyone on the street cursing like a drunken sailor while shoveling the driveway. Frick and Frack and the rest of the gang have packed up and left and in their place pretty little birdies have arrived, chirping ever so sweetly that you can’t help but want to whistle. All the little lambs have replaced their toboggans and are now peddling around on their bikes or they’re cruising around on their scooters while holding a slushie in one hand, and parks are getting cleaned up for the up-coming baseball and soccer season. 

We covered our front porch in plastic grass and on top is a basket of glittery Easter eggs and a 3ft high bunny surrounded by yellow chickies. They’re motion sensored so when you walk by them they say “cheep, cheep, cheep” like real baby chicks. Indoors we bought several Easter lilies and orchids which are an absolutely must of mine. For outdoors, this year we decided to plant tulips.

Springtime of course also means Easter and you all know what that means: The tradition of buying new shoes! What? Did you think I was going to say eating chocolate eggs? Perhaps, but for me even when I was little it's always been about the shoes. I purchased a shiny pair of heels adorned with crystals to wear on Sunday with my new dress not too long ago but then I saw another pair and just had to buy them too. Remember girlies, you can never have too many shoes.  


The long weekend is officially here and I’m leaving for a mini vaycay later on in the day. My bag is packed and I downloaded a couple of new songs to listen to while I chill.  

So, where am I going you ask?

1. Is it a place where I will be wearing my new red bikini with a gold nautical on the backside of the bikini bottom by the outdoor pool?

2. Is it a place where I can dig my pedicured toes in the warm silky sand? 

3. Is it a place where I can sip a tasty margarita or chug back a shot made from a lethal mixture under a palapa hut?

4. Is it a place where I will be needing to pack my Banana Boat Sunblock with SPF 75?

5.Is it a place where I will be wearing a polar bear sized bathrobe because the a/c is cranked high in the hotel suite?

6. Is it a place where I will be dining under a twinkling sky and then dancing the night away to latin rhythms?


Because I went away at Christmas/New Year and since I was away last Easter, sister wanted to spend this long weekend with me. Oh boy was I ever excited. Right off the top of my head I gave her 5 different sweltering locations only to have each of them shot down. Good grief when she told me where she wanted to spend the weekend. Not only was I stunned but speechless as well. My mistake for not setting any rules before saying yes: Rule # 1: It must be a tropical location. The place she selected is anything but tropical. Believe me it’s worth another good grief! The only thing that gives me comfort is the hotel we're staying in has one awesome spa. Well, at least this Easter I won't be bitten by a mosquito on the tip of my nose.

Like every renewal of spring, animals {and some humans} come out of hibernation, trees begin to grow leaves, seeds are planted in the soil and gardens are landscaped. Springtime is here. A time for optimism, a feeling of renewal, rebirth, hope and new possibilities. 

Happy Easter/Springtime Renewal. May the renewal of Spring enlighten you. 

Live, Laugh and Love my lovelies and be a little naughty too. Just imagine how dull life would be if we couldn't cut loose every now and then. 


My loyal and dear readers it's finally Friday, a Good Friday that is.

Whatever your plans are have a joyous and eggstravgant long weekend.-x  

Cocaine Princess


Anonymous said...

What is it with chicks and shoes? My wife goes in a shoe store and acts like she's high on crack. She owns eight pair of black shoes. One is not sufficient?

Happy Shoe Day!

Anonymous said...

Its always spring down south. Btw, Niiiice video. My office during the day could use a couple of dancing girls. Happy Easter CP

Heff said...

My kinda girl.

Well, in theory, anyway....

Anonymous said...

I own two pair of loafers-- brown and black, circa 1995.

Slyde said...

im with you on the tropics... its the ONLY way i like to spend my vacations...

The Constant Complainer said...

The weather is so nice here in Cleveland, for once. It was 80 degrees yesterday. Wahoo.