Monday, June 18, 2012

Crazy Bird Man

Cocaine Princess here.

****UPDATE: See Below**** 

I was curious to see why the US Open was trending on twitter this morning when I came across this video which explained everything. It gets more funnier each time I watch it:

You have to wonder what would possess someone to behave this way? A dare? For attention? Did he think, Hmm, I think the US Open would be the perfect time to practice my bird call.” Or is he just plain crazy? The look on Bob Costas' face as "bird man" is being dragged away by security is priceless and I like how golfer Webb Simpson is humorous about the entire situation, "Enjoy the jail cell, pal!"

By the way, how cool is crazy bird man's hat?!

****According to TMZ News, Crazy Bird Man who prefers to be known as "Jungle Bird"
vows to strike again and has given a reason for what he did:

 But this was no drunken stunt -- Jungle Bird says: "it was a premeditated mission to raise awareness about global deforestation .......I want people thinking about saving trees."

Cocaine Princess


Red Shoes said...


It would be funny as Hell if he had been making the call of a loon...

I didn't know that he was raising awareness of global deforestation...

Would there be a more effective way for him to have done that??

I'm going to start doing bird calls in class now... :oD

I'll come up with a reason why I'm doing it later...


Bathwater said...

Well he certainly got his message out to me. I won't be cutting trees down any time soon.

I'll be up in your area, next Mon, Tues and again at the end of July feel free to invite me out for dinner ;).

Bruce Johnson said...

...and I just thought this was another 'bath salt' related incident.