Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Post That Has No Title Because I Can't Think Of One


Cocaine Princess here.

Is it me or does anyone else think the summer is going by too quickly? I can’t believe it’s already the middle of August. I’ve been noticing subtle, little things that indicate Fall is approaching: the days are visibly shorter, the way the sun looks and the number one sign– "Back To School" sales.

If you’ve been following my blog then you’re well aware I have trouble sleeping. Mr. Sandman does not like the Colombian Princess. It’s a mystery that has baffled me for quite some time now. I lay in bed either tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling. Some nights I’ll just stare at the green digits on my clock other times I’ll turn on the TV and begin to channel surf.

I miss sleep. I miss being able to lay my head down on the pillow and drift away. I miss dreaming. I miss waking up feeling refreshed. I’m so tired of chugging back Red Bulls in order to function throughout the day.

A few nights ago I tip-toed into sister’s room. It was well around 2am and she was sleeping so peacefully. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Are you sleeping?” (I know, I know it was a silly question) When she didn’t answer back I softly pinched and held her nose for a few seconds. She woke up in an awfully cranky mood.

A: What’s the matter with you? 

Very innocently I said:

ME: Oh, I see you’re up. I can’t sleep.

A: Don’t tell me the badminton scandal is keeping you up, darling? 

Oh lord, did I ever go into one non-stop giggle fest! Even in the middle of the night my sister’s sarcastic sense of humor is sharp. In case you’re wondering what she said wasn’t an inside joke. Did any of you hear about the badminton scandal that took place during the London 2012 Olympic Games? "5 days into the Games a pair of Chinese badminton athletes in the women’s doubles event didn’t even try to win. They hit their serves into the net, purposefully trying to lose a match to ensure a favorable draw in the knockout portion of the tournament and avoid the other top-ranked Chinese pair until the final. Two South Korean teams and an Indonesian team followed suit in this Olympic farce. In total 8 Olympians got smacked down when the Badminton World Federation disqualified them from the Olympics." If anything I found the whole situation beyond hilarious. Seriously, come on! Of all the scandals to hit the London 2012 Games who would have thought it would occur in the world of badminton? Speaking of the Olympics, how many of my lovelies watched the Closing Ceremonies? I sat through all 3 hours and 10 minutes of it and enjoyed every second of it. It was brilliant, spectacular and definitely entertaining. I loved Ed Sheeran’s performance of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” but the best part for me was when Brit band “Take That” performed one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies. I love this song so much.......

My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.    
Whatever your plans are have a dazzling weekend. ~x  
Cocaine Princess


Miss Stormy Marples said...

What a nice surprise!!! Two blogs in a week.

Oh my what can we do to help u get a nice night's sleep. Insomnia. Nothing to take lightly. U might trying "lavender" sachets, pillows, stuffed teddy bears (yes, I sleep with a teddy bear). Lavender (the aroma) is suppose to help u go to sleep. Warm baths, a glass of wine, or a glass of warm milk. Reading a good book. I sleep with a fan on 365 days a year not because I am hot but because of the "white noise". A cooler/cold room is suppose to help sleeping. I have my studio set at about 68 degrees. Patches loved it cold. Buttons prefers it a wee bit warmer. I will tell u a funny story later on about the time I put a toddler shirt on Buttons because he got colder than his brother. Maybe I will put that in Sunday's blog.

I took a nap yesterday for 11 hours after work and a hour's worth of errands. I barely could stay awake to drive to get an hour's worth of errands done. U won't believe this I was too tired to get a manicure. So I had to polish my nails this morning myself. Who is too tired to sit in a chair and have someone massage their hands/arms and paint their nails.

Sleeping too much and sleeping too little both can make a body not feel refreshed. My sleeping so much yesterday came from the previous night's sleep of just two hours.

U know I love fall. I understand why u do not like the colder months though because of the harsh snowy/icy conditions that come with it. If I could have weather be in the 50's and 70's all the time, I would be in heaven. Then I could wear my cute colorful sweaters, scarfs and mittens. I just started to learn how to knit.

My name Miss Stormy Marples comes from two things. One my life can be "stormy" but interesting and I have a tendency to be a lot like Miss Jane Marple of Agatha Christie's books' character. Curious, investigative, tea drinking, knitting, and never married. I don't concern myself with not being married. Sometimes, it is a blessing to be single.

All three of my past lovers have been in contact this week. They had not heard about Patches yet except for the one who works in the office with me. He was one of the first who knew. Old lovers they have a place in ur life. No? It was what it was when it was. But there is no turning back after it ends. I am still on good terms with all of them and they are still good friends. First lover hesitated on the phone when talking to me. I could tell he wanted to approach the subject again. Getting together again. It had it's place in my life. And that is in the past. A door that will not be opened again for me anyway. We are still good friends but I no longer want to be his lover anymore. The time has passed. And for me and him it ended six years ago. I have traveled to the next chapter in the book of my life.

Buttons slept well last night. He has resumed his eating. When I left him this morning, he had tucked himself behind the sofa and was snoring rather loudly. I am joyful that he is getting back to his old self.

Take care my luv. I will be Sunday blogging from now on. I look forward to ur Friday's blog. This certainly was a nice surprise this morning.

Mercy--my comments are "novels".

Bathwater said...

It seems like a very unsporting thing to do. It figures that the Chinese would try it first.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

I am taking a little breakie poo from transcribing. Believe me, I will be more productive if I take a little break in between. I have a serious one I have to do today. I even told the copier man to stop being so loud I could not hear. He was actually being ridiculous, childish and immature. A visitor (contractor for copy machine) in our office talking that loud. I would have been embarrassed had I been him. Some people have no manners. My guys just smirked. I don't do STUPID. He did apologize and quickly quieted down. Imagine we are interviewing murderers up here and u are acting like this is recess time while fixing our copier.

What have I been doing on my break but of course reading ur past blogs!!! There is so much to learn about Cocaine Princess' life experiences.

I decided I had to take a different approach. I will read each of the titles to your blogs first from 2007 to present to get an idea of the topics. Then I will go back and read them in order. I hit on a few and read them cuz I just could not stand not too at that moment. Have u mastered eating with chopsticks yet? I too am learning to eat with chopsticks. My hands must be way too small for adult size chopsticks. I have resorted to eating with the children's sized chopsticks. I like to collect chopsticks, Chinese handfans, and teeny tinny Chinese teacups. Funny, I had decided to have Chinese food for lunch today. I will do takeout. I love egg rolls, the fried ones. I tried the spring rolls and did not care for them. However, all my friends love them. I love chicken or beef brocoli too. Yummy yummy. I carry chopsticks in my bag just in case I need my own set.

Cute baby pic of ur sister on the beach when she was two. Oh my brother as well chased me in the pool with the "Jaws" theme all through my childhood. Dun dun dun dun dun--then he would pull me under the water. The rat--but those were fun memories now.

I would scream like crazy too.

Siblings boy they are something else are they not. Fun and annoying.

I'm sure my comments will not make sense at times because I will be going back and responding in the present.

This is gonna be such fun reading all this stuff.

It is rainy here today. Not bad. It thunderstormed last night about midnight. It woke me up for a moment. Then I googled the weather channel to see if a storm was coming. I love thunderstorms. And sure enough thunderstorms till this afternoon.

Did u ever see "You've Got Mail". I don't remember the exact quote but it was her first email to him in response. She said something to the effect of she like a bunch of pencils sharpened--a bouquet of sharpened pencils when she was describing New York in Fall. When I started reading today's blog that's immediately what came to mind for a title for today's blog. I love that movie. My favorite scenes were of her bookstore especially the Halloween themed and Christmas themed. Also, the ending where they realize it was one another and there is the puppy running to greet her. Was his name Barkley or something like that? I will have to watch again.

Also, everytime I eat a cinamon bunn with cream cheese glaze from Coffeehouse on it I will think of u. They have delicious ones especially warmed up. It seems those are one of ur favorite treats.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples,

Believe me, I've tried everything under the sun-- nothing seems to works but I do appreciate your warm advice/ideas for a good nite's sleep. Thank You.

Too tired for a mani?! That made me laugh. No, I haven't mastered the use of chopsticks yet.

Warm cinnabons- it's the only way I eat one.

It's been a few years but yes I've seen "You've Got Mail." Cutesy film.

Miss Stormy Marples-- your name suits you quite well.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Why couldn't they get Roger Waters and/or Dave Gilmore for "Wish You Were Here?" It's England for crying out loud. That's all I got. I can't compete with Stormy's three page comments.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

My my my-I am very impressed with ur blog. I got home from Coffehouse about 1130p.m. Took Buttons for his nite nite walk. Heated up a chicken fajita which Buttons and I shared. Then I started reading ur blog. 2 hours and 45 minutes later I still have not made a dent in it. So much to know and learn. Ur blog is a fabulous read. Entertaining and informative and touching too. I just never know what is gonna pop out of the next blog. I definitely will be trying those Halloween drinks from October's blogs. I just never knew. Then I run across more fabulous outfits. Would u please take a picture of ur closet? I have never seen so many beautiful outfits. Movie suggestions, music suggestions, sports updates, wrestling updates, dating and vacations--

This is gonna take me a bit to get thru 2007 till now.

Honestly, though u r definitely an awesome storyteller. I know the stories r true and about ur life. One just can so easily get wrapped up in the story. It is "the book" u do not want to put down. Fabulous fabulous fabulous.

Do u remember me telling u about my coworker, Adam? Model/in that music video. He got hit by a car on his bike. He is a serious bike rider and one of those tri-athletes u know bike, run and swim. He is ok. But was pretty messed up. I just found out tonight. He can't stop talking about it. And he is not one to draw attention to himself. I think it scared him a wee bit.

Buttons has been curled up with me on sofa since I got home. I luv that little pup. I tell u having him has made it bearable losing Patches. A friend came to visit me tonight at Coffeehouse. They made comment u seem peaceful about Patches' passing. I said I am sad he is gone and I miss him like crazy. However, I am at peace cuz he did not suffer and I was with him till the end and I feel he knew I loved him very much. And we(Buttons and me) r gonna be ok.

Cocaine Princess u definitely r a gifted writer. I am so joyful that I found ur blog because u have some very interesting stories to tell.

Nite nite from Memphis

StormyDawn and Buttons

Miss Stormy Marples said...

No competing necessary. Writing comments and whatnots comes very natural to me plus I type about 90 wpm. When I find something that interest me well I just devour it Truthfully, I get very bored very easily. I have my own imagination as well. Yesterday, a customer that comes in our Coffeehouse often reads palms. I wanted to test her so to speak. So I stuck out my palm. I wanted to see was she gonna mention my heartache. My coworkers eyes met mine. They know me well enough now. She did not say anything about my heartache. She said in 9 to 11 weeks something that u have been wanting is going to come into play. U still will have to continue to work on it though. Then she scrounged her face up. She said this line is so very short on ur palm. I am oh u mean my love life line. She was like yeah u really need to work on nurturing itself there so u can open urself up to men and let them close to u. I just looked at her and smiled. That line on my palm will never get longer. No matter how much I nurture myself. Men will never totally be a part of my life. That get as much as I can give. I cannot totally give all of me. No one should give all of themselves. U have to keep some of who u r in order to grow and become who u r suppose to be. I thanked her and said I will take care of ur bill. When she left, I said y'all know I wanted her to mention my heartache of Patches. And then someone said this "That is ur past. She tells ur future. Not what u have experienced what u r going to experience.". He had a point there and I could accept her fortune at that moment. She is right about my love life. I have not met "the one" who has understood me really. I have loved and had crushes but I always knew they were not the puzzle piece that completed me. I will see the movie Sparkle Sunday. I will go to evening worship. I will spend a lot of time with Buttons. Right now, I do not want anyone to visit my home. I just want time to grieve. Just Buttons and me. We r the only ones who can comfort one another.

No competing with me Dr. Noisemaker. I write from my heart. I have found a new friend in Cocaine Princess. I do get close to my friends. I only want a few. It is important to me that I listen to their stories. In order to do that I have to read, listen, understand and respond.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

Ah there is no competing, Dr. Noisemaker. Speak from the heart so ur words will always be truthful. Right now only three blogs interest me. I had to let others go for various reasons. I may be a simple woman but my mind has to be stimulated with real or imagined stories. Most do not hold my interest. I find I get bored with them especially if they turn out to be very selfish and self-absorbed. Cocaine Princess' stories intrigue me. She is a very interesting and captivating storyteller. Some r gifted writers. I believe Cocaine Princess' stories. More important to me she is not selfish. She is a giving person. Not a taker. I have described her as a country gal at heart. Meaning she is down-to-Earth and open. Those r the people I want in my life. I probably will never meet Cocaine Princess in person nor never know what she looks like. However, that does not mean she and I cannot be friends. Her stories about her life interest me. I cannot say that about many. I currently am down to reading three blogs. And only really at this point am concerned with four bloggers' comments. Cocaine Princess is one of them. The other three know who they r. I only want a few friends in my life. I can take good care of a few. I cannot devote my time to many. So I choose to listen very intently to the few in my life. To take care of them as best I can.

Speak from ur heart. No one ever needs to compete with u if u speak what u truly feel.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples,
Once again, thanks for your wonderful comments. I agree in regards to speaking from the heart.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

Just a few minutes ago I read ur whole profile. Some words struck out at me. Star gazer and Serendipty. Maybe we were meant to be blogger friends. I wrote my Sunday blog a short while ago before I visited ur blog tonight. Did not realize until I read ur profile and what u believe that we seem to think along the same lines. Patches was a moon gazer. I wrote about it in my blog. I let them scatter his ashes in the country so he could be under the starry sky. It just occurred to me also that I mentioned our vet always called him a Princess even though he was a boy pup. It used to make me smile cuz in my mind I was thinking u know he has a wee wee but u still call him a Princess. It was because of his sweet gentle nature I believe. And u r called a Princess too. Words mean a lot to me. They are significant to me. I was just listening to Take That. I had never heard of them before u brought them to my attention. They have great voices. Nite nite from Memphis. I hope u r able to sleep tonight.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 1:53,
RE: I hope u r able to sleep tonight."

-Me too. {Thank You}