Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get In Touch With Your Inner Devil

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Cocaine Princess here.

I love Halloween and everything that is associated with this day. Next to Christmas it's my absolute favorite holiday and really the only one thing about Fall I look forward to. Our large plastic lighted pumpkin was put in the garden a few weeks ago, the glow in the dark skeleton hand has been firmly planted in one of the potted plants alongside with the other traditional decorations-- tombstones, creepy looking goblins and the yellow ‘Caution’ tape.

Unless you've been living in a bubble you heard about 'Frankenstorm' aka Hurricane Sandy, right? Our region was put on high alert and we were told we would feel its affect. I admit I was one of those who kept switching back and forth to the 24 hour news channel for updates and listening to the reporters-- Good God Almighty, you’d think the world was coming to an end. I understand this was not a storm to be taken lightly but it was just the way they went about reporting, they more or less put the fear of God in you. As a precaution and just like when there’s the threat of any storm we stocked up on bottled water, dry food and reactor lights to be on the safe side. On Monday night it was reported we would feel the worst of Sandy in the early morning hours of Tuesday. Monday night at 11pm I was laying in bed wide awake {my issue with insomnia have yet to vanish} and watching “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” Throughout the night I got out of bed to look out the window to see the meteorological conditions. It resembled a typical blustery autumn night with leaves blowing around. Fast forward to 5am: I’m working out while watching the news and couldn't believe the devastation Mother Nature’s wrath brought to New York and New Jersey. {My heart goes out to all} The local channel weatherman stated in a dramatic voice, “in a few hours time we too will feel Sandy’s effect....High winds and a heavy downpour of rain......”  Fast forward a few more hours later: Environment Canada officially cancels the storm warning. All I can say is we were very lucky and blessed to have been spared. 

halloween cartoon
Now getting back to Halloween—

As an adult I still feel the same excitement as I did when I was little. The weeks leading to Halloween were and still are the best: the scary movies and the joys of picking out a costume and decorating the house. How fun was it approaching the walkway of a house and getting scared as you made your way through the makeshift haunted house set to creepy special effects music just to receive a piece of candy? Do you recall when you became old enough when you no longer needed to go trick or treating with your parents and were finally allowed to go with your friends instead? There’s really no other time of year I can think of when it’s acceptable to knock on a complete strangers’ door and ask for candy or when you'll see a vampire hanging out with a werewolf. {Being a hardcore 'True Blood' fan I've come to learn vamps and wolves aren't exactly the best of friends} In a nutshell it's an all round fun and awesome holiday to get scared, eat lots of candy and best of all Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner devil.....or perhaps unleash it.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz ~ World Publishing, 1967 

Rain is in the forecast today and I’m really hoping Mother Nature will change her mind. I’ll feel bad for the wee little ones if they won’t be able to go Trick or Treating and besides I can't wait to gush over them when I see them in their cute costumes. We already stocked up on chocolate. I only and always buy and hand out the good chocolate bars: Mars, Twix, M&Ms, Snickers, etc. If you’re one of those individuals who insists on handing out fruit, dental floss, raisins or anything health related, I'm sorry to say this but then your house truly deserves to be egged and/or toilet papered. 

When it comes to Halloween TV specials no one can outshine “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” However, there is one other animated special I also love watching this time of year, “Bugs Bunny Transylvania 6-5000.” Click here to watch the 7minute video. And of course my lovelies know I can't post a Halloween entry without posting a song.....Enjoy!

Halloween: "It's A Perfect Night For Mystery & Horror. The Air Itself Is Filled With Monsters."

Happy Halloween My Loyal And Dear Readers.....Beware Of Things That Go Bump In The Night....BOO!!

Cocaine Princess  


Red Shoes said...

Good morning, Princess... and BOO to YOU!!!

I've always loved Hallowe'en a great deal, as have my children. My daughter is such a Hallowe'en freak that she got married on Hallowe'en Night a few years ago down in New Orleans... a costume wedding, no less. We had just a great time!!

I'm glad you missed the effects of the storm...those things are not to be taken likely. As bad as things are in the NE, imagine the destruction had the storm been a more intense storm (like Camille or Katrina).

I hope you get many little monsters you way tonight!!!


Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 8:31,
A costume wedding on Halloween no less--- I love it, how awesome!

Red Shoes said...

Princess... we had SUCH a blast!!!! I recommend them for everyone!!!


Miss Stormy Marples said...

Halloween to New Year's Day. My favorite time period.

I am not dating that man. I just find him interesting. And the plus is that he knows my family. He has an opinion and the "debate" get quite heated. As long as things do not get ugly and nasty, I like a good debate. The other bonus is they r in my neck of the woods pr that of my Mississippi family which is only two hours away. In this two hour distance, there r many places to have fun. That has all I was looking for. A group of people similar to what I like to do. I am not looking for romance. However, he is very good looking and stays in shape by working out.

Happy Boo Day. I hope u enjoyed it.

I am getting four new detectives on Monday. More men. Men r easy to work with.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Poor Linus. I believed him.