Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Vaycay Part 3


Cocaine Princess here.

To review: 
December 26th {Boxing Day} 2am
I was laying in bed but not sleeping (because as most of you are aware I don’t sleep well) and listening to Armin Van Burrin’s “State of Trance.” I got out of bed and looked out the window. If I remember correctly the exact words I mumbled were, “Holy Hell Mother Nature.”

I was beyond ticked off. From October to December we managed not to get any snow. Any snow that did fall melted by the time it hit the ground. Of all the days for a storm to hit and for the meteorologists to be correct– why oh why did it have to be today of all days. My flight was scheduled to leave in the afternoon. My luggage was all packed, locked and sitting by the front door in the foyer. I went downstairs to take a closer look outside by looking out the front window and by that point I couldn’t see anything. It was a complete white-out. You know the phrase when it rains it pours? Well, when it snows it blizzards. Hmm, when I said it out loud it didn’t sound too bad but when I typed it out and read it, it doesn’t really sound that good. As long as you get what I’m trying to say. I turned to the city’s news channel and watching the live eye camera several early morning drivers were being rescued after their cars landed in the ditch after skidding off the road and many of the main roads were closed. If that wasn’t bad enough there was more snow in the forecast accompanied by high winds. Now I’m the kind of person who always sees the glass half full rather than empty so I was positive my flight would leave on schedule with me on it. With the TV still on I was doing a little channel surfing when I came across a hockey game. I thought it was strange since there was a NHL Lockout (which now is over). It wasn't the NHL but the 2013 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships,(WJC) a hockey tournament played every year during the holidays. This year the host city was Russia and Canada happened to playing that morning against Germany. It was 4:30am here and when I went onto my twitter page I couldn’t believe #WJC2012 was the top trending topic. Die hard hockey fans were pumped after all it was the only hockey being played. It was better than nothing, right? Many people had twittered: “It’s 4:30am, watching the #WJC2012-- the things I do to support my country.” Anyways, so there I was sitting on the couch at 4:30am on Boxing Day watching and tweeting about the big game. Something that was really odd that people kept twittering about were the cheerleaders. Hmm, Hockey Cheerleaders? I guess it was something the Russkies came up with. Since they were dressed in neon pink and had matching pom-poms I have no idea whose side they were on. In the end Canada slaughtered Germany 9~1. 

Fast Forward a few hours later: the storm ended and let me say that hell hath no fury like Mother Nature because when I looked out the window again things did not look good. The road was covered in snow and when I opened the front door the snow came up to my knees. Oh boy, the only way I was going to leave the house is if I climbed onto the roof and waited for a rescue helicopter.....


It’s been quite a week weather wise that is. We’ve been under an extreme cold alert. Temperatures plunged down to -22C with the wind~chill. It’s been so cold that I heard old man winter went into hiding. There was an article published informing readers on how to stay warm. Readers decided to leave  comments on what they did to stay warm. I was particularly fond of this one: Stay inside, Hennesey XO, Sex, Fireplace. Repeat either sex or Hennesey XO.


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a fantastic last weekend of January.~x

Cocaine Princess



Miss Stormy Marples said...

I was thinking about a "beach trip" myself a few days ago. Just would be nice to head down to a beach and walk on the sand, collect sea shells, eat some very good seafood, drink a few drinks and frollick in the sands.

Have a good weekend, Cocaine Princess.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 10:43,
Take the trip!

Red Shoes said...

It's been cold, rainy, and messy around the Delta Flatlands.


I would love a really good snowstorm!!

Have you ever been to Key West? I've got a sudden urge to go...

Have a fantabulous weekend!!!


Cocaine Princess said...

Hi Shoes,
As many times as I've been to Miami I've not yet been to The Keys. Hope to go there someday soon.

No worries I plan on having a fantabulous weekend & I hope you do too!

I do, I do. said...

Love, from India.

Cocaine Princess said...

I do, I do at 3:05,

Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

Love, from Canada

Graham Ettridge said...

After reading your post I couldn't resist having a listen to "State Of Trance", great choice indeed!!

It certainly sounds like you have had an attack of the white stuff too. It is funny how snow can either be amazing or bloody annoying depending on what's on your itinerary for the day.

-22C? Brrrrrrrr!!! That is cold. We only reached about -7C here and that was bad enough.

Wishing you wonderful weekend!

G xo

Cocaine Princess said...

I love AVB's State of Trance! Unfortunately in my case the snow was bloody annoying!! Hope your weekend is going great.