Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Vaycay

Cocaine Princess here.

This winter vaycay totally took me for a surprise. I was doing things I never thought I would be doing in a million years. Oh My God, where do I even begin?! Perhaps it's best I start from the beginning.

Plans for winter vaycay always begin in October when my best friend Valentina and I discuss where we would like to go and what we would like to do. For the past couple of years winter break has been filled with an obligation, meaning there was some type of party, dinner party or vow renewal ceremony we had been invited to but weren't too crazy about attending but had to out of obligation.

As much as I love Christmas I've been finding it hard to feel the excitement and what I mean by that is I have to force myself to feel the joy. Don't get me wrong, I love the festive season and everything that comes along with it: the dazzling displays of lights, the fancy decorations, the merry songs, shopping for presents, the eating, the drinking etc. I think it's partly because my mom passed away so close to the holidays which coincidentally is how going on holidays first began. Not that I'm trying to forget my mom because there isn't a day that goes by she's not on my mind but when the holidays come around there's a certain emptiness inside of me and for whatever reason not being at home during the Christmas season makes it easier for me to get through the holidays. Some of my friends who have kids have explained it gets easier when you have children and that the pain lessens when you do. Anyways as I was saying, preparations for this year's trip began in October. Valentina and I both agreed this year we were going to have a stress free, drama free, no obligation whatsoever winter vaycay. I was scheduled to leave on December 23rd but due to a travel hiccup my itinerary was changed from the 23rd to the 26th. Valentina was upset and wanted me there for Christmas and not a second later.

VALENTINA: But what about the rum runners and spending Christmas Day at the beach?

The two of us have a tradition where upon my arrival we make a toast with a Rum Runner each in our hands to a fabulous holiday and then we spend the entire day of Christmas on the beach. There's nothing better than waking up on December 25th and slipping on your itsy-bitsy bikini and laying under a palapa hut while the poolside DJ is blasting tropical beats. Rum Runners and Christmas on the beach was now delayed by one day.

Christmas Eve 2012
It was a strange feeling getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner. Usually I’ll be in my hotel suite glamming it up with the doors to the balcony wide open– I love hearing the ocean waves pound in the late evening. Then Valentina, her dad and myself would have dinner on the lanai under a warm Latin moon. As small as it maybe it was our little, family tradition.  This year I had Christmas Eve dinner at home with sister and a few close family friends. The fireplace was turned on and we feasted on a delicious meal. Although I wasn’t in a tropical paradise Christmas Eve 2012 made for a lovely memory.

To Be Continued......

I'd like to thank you all for your well wishes and in case you're wondering I'm doing and feeling much better. Knock wood!

Maybe it's because I was feeling ill but it's hard to believe we're only 11 days into the new year because it feels much longer than that.

My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday. 

Whatever your plans are have an awesome weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess


Miss Caught Up said...

It's only 11 days into January! I'm not sure why, but I feel as if it's been longer than that... I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! :)

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Caught Up,
Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend too!

Red Shoes said...

A Winter Vacation sounds marvelous!!

I just went back to work after Christmas break at the university, and I'm already checking out the calendar for the dates of Spring Break...

It's been a LONG time since I've gone to the beach... but March still might be too cold for that...

I trust you are having a great weekend!!



Cocaine Princess said...

Hey there Shoes,
That's so funny because my sister who's also a teacher said pretty much the same thing!

Indeed I'm having a great weekend & hope you are too, my friend.

Red Shoes said...

Princess... there is little, if anything, that is glamorous about teaching... people like your sister and myself covet time away from work!!



Bathwater said...

That sort of vacation does sound like paradise why do I always end up somewhere else?

I love new profile pictures I have been seeing btw :)

Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 1:59,
She agrees 100% percent. :}

Bathwater at 4:10,
Thank You so much. :}