Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Post With No Title

Cocaine Princess here.

My apologies for the short post. What can I say it's been one of those weeks where I was feeling a little unfocused.

So, what is the Colombian Princess going to blog about? Are you ready.....THE WEATHER! Please do try to contain your excitement.

Remember this pic I posted:

48 hours after Mother Nature unleashed her wrath in the form of snow and made temperatures plunge to -23C, she decided that it was time for rain. Hmm, a dumping of snow accompanied by freezing temperatures followed by rain, makes sense, right? Temperatures hit +14C making it the warmest day in January on record.

I snapped this picture yesterday morning. After warm spring like temperatures the weather this past week was chilly with a few light flurries on the ground.

This weather of ours is driving me nuts partly because I have no idea what to wear! One day I'm wearing my boots with a heavy coat, the next I'm wearing my heels and a light sweater and on another day I'm carrying my umbrella. I'm beginning to think Mother Nature is bi-polar. Can she not make up her mind or could she be in cahoots with Old Man Winter? To say our weather is wacky is an understatement.

And now today we're under an extreme weather alert-- the biggest winter storm to hit us in 5 years is set to arrive, so of course the weather people are putting the fear of God into everyone. They're making it sound like we're not going to make it out alive, Snowpocalypse is the term they're using. I really don't understand the media. Do they enjoy scaring everyone? I'm guessing what they call the biggest winter storm is probably going to be just a regular and typical winter day. No worries, I'll be posting updates because I know you all must be concerned about me after reading about this dreaded storm that could wipe out The Great White North.

My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are, have an amazing weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess


Miss Stormy Marples said...

My most favorite weather is windy with just enough chill to wear a sweater. If I could have this year round, I would be in heaven.

I had to take my blog down and my Facebook. Seems there is possibility of it being monitored. Invasion of privacy. So I have resorted to writing in my journal instead. Anywho--I still will come to ur blog and read.

This storm is all everyone is talking about these last few days. Make some tasty comfort food and snuggle in until it passes.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 9:09,
Comfort food on a snow day is the best!!

I enjoyed reading your entries, I'm sorry you had to take your blog down. Thank you for still taking the
time to read my entries.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

I am sorry that I had to take my blog down and my Facebook.

However, things have transpired which I will not be able to type about but the good news is that things are coming about that should have happened many moons ago.

When push comes to shove, sometimes u have to shove and then take the consequences along with the shoves. Meaning my life is not my own at times it seems. I can be held under a microscope at anytime. I am ever hopefully that things will be for the good in the end of this long journey that I face and those of two others. Two of us have welcomed the challenges and the changes that will come about. One I am not sure about anymore. Somethings bad things have to happen to force about good in the end. I know it is so very vague but I have to protect myself at this point.

Blogging would help tremendously but I can't take that chance anymore. I am a fish in a fishbowl at the moment but I will endure for the good that I know will come out of it.

Oh well, onto other matter comfort food.

I had delicious mac and cheese last night along with twice baked cheesy mashed potatoes plus Mexican cornbread. To say it was YUMMY was an understandment.

I will try not to be longwinded in my comments to u. But will keep up with you on ur blog. In fact, it is probably one of my favs as u respond back. I feel like I am actually talking to u.

Oh I am starting Buddha Yoga on Saturdays. So looking forward to it. I will not be able to start this Saturday as my best friend from Memphis whom is 94-years old passed last Friday and will be buried this Saturday. She was such a lovely friend. She told me often she was ready to go. So in that sense I am joyful for her, she can go be with her husband again in heaven which is something she so longed for for many many many years.

Will be watching the news regarding ur area for the blizzard that is coming. Prayers that ur electricity stays on.

Do y'all have a fireplace?

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 10:19,

Baked cheesy mashed potatoes-- in a word-- YUMMY!

Yes we indeed have a fireplace. Thanks for your sweet thoughts.

PS. Yoga is the best! I do it every morning as part as my workout routine.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

I am happy to report that me and my two friends are all on the same page now. We have all three are joining a spa this afternoon and will be doing yoga, pilates, aerobics, and weight training. When u hang out with certain friends u can either be their best support or their worst enemy (unintentionally of course) We had our last "southern fatty breakfast" this morning. It will be helpful for us all three to be working towards a healthy lifestyle.

I went to Mrs. Marie's funeral. I am joyful that she is in heaven now and with her husband as that was her wish but it has left me rather sad to tell u the truth. I feel strange. Death makes one wonder about life. I took the pup with me. He tired him so. I had to take him back home after his walk in the cemetery we normally go too.

I meant to comment on ur fashion blog. Fall/Winter fashion is my favorite. I love the leggings, sweaters, knits and whatnot.

I will check the weather out in one moment to see how it is up in ur area and also to see whether they have caught that ex-LAPD officer yet. I hope u r doing well throughout these next few days. I read a horrible news article about a young teenanger getting raped in Africa and that they slashed her from her stomach to her private area and left her to die. She survived long enough to identify one of her attackers. Why are people so cruel and evil? Did u happen to read that yesterday? I know we previously talked about the India gang rape.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 2:11
I'm glad things are working out for you and your friends.

Yes, I love those leggings too!

We're doing okay, thankfully our power remained and the snow cleanup is beginning.

I heard about the LAPD officer. Not sure what story you're referring to in regards to Africa. I read about a poor woman who was burnt alive at the stake in Papua New Guinea because some barbaric and backwards thinking people thought was a witch.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

I read briefly about the Papua New Guinea woman too.

The Africa rape story was regarding raping of babies, children and woman. Apparently, this happens a lot in Africa. I really did not realize it until I read the story.

I read the news yesterday about the snowstorm after I commented on blogs. It seems as if everyone is ok. I know that here I don't like to be housebound unless I want to be housebound. There is something about not being able to get out if u want or need too.

Relationships it seems are a constant work in progress. Two things I need to learn is to "stop rescuing" and to not put myself in situations that truly don't involve me. I involve myself when I should either walk away or just listen and not comment unless it has a direct effect on me and even then I need to be wise with my words when I speak. Most of the time I should say nothing. I'm learning. Sometimes the hard way I'm afraid. I'm too stubborn and hardheaded at times. I should turn the cheek more so to speak.

I have found that once "trust" is broken that it is near impossible to ever get back to feeling u can trust that person again. One wants to trust but it is so hard to give them another chance.

I put my leggings on today with my jumper. It's just that kind of day. Windy not to terribly cold though. I think I will knit a little tonight.

Death is foremost in my mind right now. I have been thinking about what happens afterwards--our soul. Last night, I read all of Revelations trying to figure out some thoughts I have as to what happens when we die. Do we immediately go to heaven or do we have to wait somewhere until the total end gets here. It's because of my friend, Mrs. Marie. Her death. I went by her grave again. And I kept thinking "She's below the ground now. Just her body I know. But still I keep thinking about it. She had lots of pink roses at her grave. I took one and pressed it in a book of mine as a reminder of her. She loved her flowers and her garden. She tried to teach me some wise things in our time together. She had lots of patience with me. I will be taking roses to her grave over my lifetime. I wondered about u and ur mother. How this had to effect u? I have not had anyone really close to me pass away other than my friend and my grandparents and they were all older. It was expected. I do not know what my thoughts will be when my parents, siblings or close friends die. I have had a few friends pass and it did leave me pondering about my life.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 3:04,

I don't like to be housebound either unless I want to either- I always develop a case of cabin fever such as in the case when I'm snowed in. For me when someone breaks my trust-- that's it, adios. My mom's death hit me quite hard, it still hits me every now & then but I know she's
always with me, I feel her aura. That's sweet about the pink rose....