Monday, March 4, 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Day 5 & 6

Cocaine Princess here.

 Day 5

Designer Bill Gaytten who is continuing to design for the eponymous John Galliano presented his collection today at Le Centorial in Paris. I'm not a fan of Galliano's clothes because they aren't exactly my cup of tea.

Pieces included peplum jackets with gauchos.

Navy blue long-sleeved knee-length cocktail dress, a sleek silky floor-length shift,
Accessories included military style caps, black leather ankle booties and matching leather gloves.

Black coat with mandarin collar with black leather detail at the waist.

There were several tie-dye style piece.

Day 6

When you hear the name "Yves St. Laurent" you think of elegance and high end luxury but the collection by head designer Hedi Slimane failed to produce either. 
Hedi was inspired by "California Grunge," a phrase that doesn't quite fit in my opinion with a French fashion house.   

It was a collection that looked like Courtney Love designed. Word around Paris is that the company brass wants the collection to skew younger in look in the hopes of engaging a younger customer. Critics called this latest collection and his last "an epic fail."

Take a look at the collection. California Grunge or Biker Chic? 

Cocaine Princess

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