Friday, May 17, 2013

British Loyalty & Alcohol


Cocaine Princess here.

It's the Long Weekend for us up here. Monday is Victoria Day or as it's commonly referred to as the May 2-4 Weekend. When I was little I never understood why it was called that because Victoria Day didn't necessarily fall on the 24th. I was then informed by a little birdie in my teens it all comes down to alcohol, where cases of beer (as in 2-4 cases) are consumed by people in the Great White North in vast quantities.

It's interesting that the Brits no longer celebrate Victoria Day yet we continue to and although it's a day to honor Queen Victoria's birthday, this weekend also marks the unofficial kickoff to summer, where patio furniture will be uncovered, BBQs will be fired up, some will be heading up to the country to open up their cottages, fireworks will be on display while others will be drinking non-stop through the entire weekend. I'm not sure what the connection is between British royalty and pulling up a lawn chair and raising a beer bottle but it's become a yearly tradition that remains strong and true.

For the past couple of years the weather on Holiday Monday has been rainy resulting in the cancellation of fireworks. Hmm, I'm beginning to wonder if Mother Nature doesn't like Queen Vicki.


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a spectacular weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess




Gorilla Bananas said...

I suppose the nation of Canada was born during Victoria's reign, so you have more reason to celebrate than the Brits. Vicki would have been so jealous of your waist, Miss Princess!

Miss Stormy Marples said...

I love it when u blog about ur holidays.

I hope it doesn't rain this weekend so y'all get to see fireworks. I love watching fireworks.

Have a happy extra long weekend.

Bathwater said...

I like the fact that Canada makes sure they have one long weekend each month! We really need that here.

Bruce Johnson said...

While I don't celebrate the holiday, I will be taking in the drinking part never the less, it has been a long week.

Red Shoes said...

Hey you!!

Did you celebrate, none the less??

Hell, I would have!!!

If I want fireworks, I just have to say something off color at work... I'm assured to piss someone there off..


Happy Post Victoria Day!!!



Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 11:13,

Victoria Day isn't until tomorrow, Fireworks Galore!!

Red Shoes said...

"Victoria Day isn't until tomorrow, Fireworks Galore!!"


Be sure to have a great time!!


Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 8:37,

I will and thank you.

Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 8:37,

I will and thank you.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

If this holiday involves drinking too much beer, I'm in.

Red Shoes said...

So, Ms Princess...

Did you do some celebrating?? ;o)


Cocaine Princess said...

Hey Red,
A weekend full of friends, BBQs, drinking adult lemonade followed by watching fireworks on Holiday Monday. I had a great time!