Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Winter Games: Now The World Knows

Cocaine Princess here.

The 2010 Winter Olympics have come to an end. 17 days of competitive winter sports. Unless you've been under a rock the games took place in scenic Vancouver, B.C. Since the games began we were made fun of badly and criticized badly about almost everything including our women's hockey team after winning the gold. Oh yeah and how can I forget, there was that heart warming Russian editorial.

We won a record number of gold medals, 14 to be exact including the men's Olympic hockey game. I never saw today's game. I was down in the city busy with things. It wasn't until I heard people singing our national anthem and parading in the streets wearing red and white I realized we had won "the most important gold medal" of the 2010 games. 

Here's what I found out later on: Canada was leading 2-1. In the 3rd period Team USA's coach called a time out and there was something about an empty goalie net. 24.4 seconds were remaining from us getting our hands on "la m├ędaille d'or" until the USA scored tying and sending the game into sudden death over time. 

In over time player #87 Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal and then threw his stick and gloves into the air. Team Canada wins the gold in their home and native land!!

A member of the Canadian committee for the Olympic games during his speech at the closing ceremonies said, "the last game of the Olympics will be remembered for generations."

So....... even though we may have been ridiculed {and I think we handled it quite well} during the 2010 games, now the world knows what country hockey belongs to. Hmm, then again it always has and always will be our game, eh.

Cocaine Princess


Anonymous said...

Hockey is not a sport. Grown men skating around an ice rink -- it's like watching Disney on ice.
The most pathetic part of the game when former Detroit Red Wings player Steve Yzerman began to bawl like a girl after yous people scored the final goal. said...

What an intense game! I was rooting for the home team. We were so close to gold!

It was a game of redemption after Team Canada first lost to Team USA.


Anonymous said...

The opening and closing ceremonies of the games only added fuel to the Canadian stereotype by bringing out the natives and their pow-wows and William Shatner bragging all Canadians know how to make love in a canoe, I'm just sayin'

BTW- just askin' but do all Canadians know how to make love in a canoe?

Anonymous said...

"I thought we had evolved since the 1950's when we had different standards for men and women? Jon Montgomery wins gold, walks publicly through Whistler drinking beer
and appears on Oprah to tip back a glass of the cold stuff. The President of the IOC enjoys a beer in public at a hockey game yet the women were made to apologize after the fans left the arena. This brew ha-ha over Team Canada women's celebration is more than a tempest in a teapot. It is a sad report on inequality 2010. If boys can be boys let girls be girls."

Anonymous said...

Goal keeper Luongo played a solid game - 34 saves.

Anonymous said...

Yea, yea Canada owns hockey and what esle? Ice fishing?

USA owns baseball, football, basketball and.....too many others to list.

South Florida Lawyers said...

It was a great closing ceremony too, Neil Young was perfect.

Cocaine Princess said...

Anonymous at 7:21,
"Hockey is not a sport?" A whole nation would disagree with you. I never saw the game but if he was crying I assume they were tears of joy.

Anonymous at 10:10,
The whole point of that was to show we know how to take a joke and we have a sense of humor.

The games were prepared and held on traditional First Nation territories in B.C. and representatives from each of the 4 Aboriginal tribes were there. Canada is home to over 600 first nations group, 200 of them being in B.C.

Anonymous at 10:29,
I agree.

Anonymous at 10:45,
We also own curling!! As for ice fishing, yes it is quite popular in some parts up here.

Anonymous said...

I'm in an agreement with @7:21, Hockey is not a sport Princess. It's a bunch of sissies sliding around the ice. You want to talk sports then let's talk football. That is a man's game! Football brings girls to the prom, girls want to date them and.....

What do hockey players bring to the table? Missing teeth? Yous people take the game way too seriously. Stick to maple syrup, Anne Murry and btw how comfy is your igloo? How do stay warm at night- by wearing your red mitts and mukluks in bed? Heh-heh-heh.

Anonymous said...

7:21 wrote- Hockey is not a sport? Being born and bred in the U.S.A. my dorm buddies and I STRONGLY DISAGREE.


Cocaine Princess said...

Anonymous at 5:40,
Again with the "yous people?" Hello? Crack open an atlas and you'll see we live right next *door to you. Never will I understand why some of you insist at poking so much fun at us.

*That is assuming you live in the USA.

P.S. If I do get cold at night I slip on my thigh high boots and not my mukluks.

Anonymous said...

Hey college kid if you believe hockey is a sport I have a question, how long have you been smoking ganga with your dorm buddies? Educate yourself said...

11:07, Did you see the Mountie girls in short dresses who shared the stage with Michael Buble? They were perfect I thought.

9:59, Ganga?!?! What are you the world's oldest hippie?

Who is George Carlin? Never heard of the guy. Was he from my grandfather's era?


Anonymous said...

Hockey isn't as popular in the states, because it's portrayed as unamerican and therefore, not manly. With football they're pitched ford trucks, budweiser and chunky soup and it becomes the epitome of what a "man" should be. Heat-butts and football. Personally I like hockey and I believe no other sport can match it's speed, drama and excitement.

Slyde said...

im not a hockey fan, but i watched that game.

it really was very good. said...

It's high I introduce myself. My name is Chris. Jason and I run

You have a great blog. I enjoy reading your posts.

@ 12:39 -

A lot of places simply aren't able to support hockey and for a lot of people, hockey is just too expensive. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to grow up playing hockey on the local pond, and when you are having to pay for all the equipment as well as having to spend money driving the kids to the local rink as well as paying to skate at a rink; its just out of reach for a lot of families.

Cocaine Princess said...

Slyde at 1:23,
That's what everyone seems to be saying about the game!

Chris at 7:46,
Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

The Constant Complainer said...

I am a Penguins fan, so admittedly, it was nice to see Crosby score the winning goal. Coincidentally, if you watch closely after he scores, he throws his stick and gloves in the air - I saw a report on the news which said that they are now missing and a reward is being offered for both.

Cocaine Princess said...

CC at 6:12,
A few days ago the editorial cartoon in the city's newspaper showed a cartoon picture of President Obama with a big smile on his face while holding Sidney's Crosby's hockey stick and gloves. It was pretty funny!