Friday, May 6, 2011

Dinner In A Log Cabin

Cocaine Princess here.

In regards to my big sister, I've blogged in previous entries how she and I are complete opposites when it comes to almost, well pretty much everything. Even though I love "A" to death we have so many disagreements, with her always saying one of two things to me: "You are so stubborn." "Why are you so stubborn?" In my opinion my lovelies I don't think I'm stubborn at all. One of the things we disagree a lot on is dining. Long story short I prefer upscale dining while sister doesn't. A new Montana's Cookhouse Saloon popped up in the neighboring town. Sister had dragged me to Montana's once before and trust me when I say I wasn't interested in eating there ever again. God knows why but a few Saturdays ago sister was hell bent on eating at their newest location. Being the lovable and compassionate person that I am, I agreed to go................with the promise that I would get to choose the next 3 restaurants.  

We arrived at the saloon before the big dinner rush. The one I had previously been to was nothing like this one. I was surrounded by wood. Everywhere from the walls to the floors, I mean everywhere, all over the place there was wood!  It was a termites dream come true! Honestly I couldn't determine if I was in a restaurant or if I somehow traveled back in time and landed in a cabin owned by the Ingalls family.

Our welcoming server asked if we wanted to sit at a booth or table? I right away said booth. She led us to one in the corner with a wide long table and benches on each side. The benches came with no type of padding what-so-ever making my tushy very uncomfortable that night. Not that it would have made any difference had we sat at a table since they too were made entirely out of wood but I think sitting on a bale of hay would have been more comfortable. Because I had my sweater with me I decided to get a little creative: I curled it up in a ball. Presto! Instant cushion! It made sitting a little more bearable. The server handed us our menus while asking what we wanted to drink. I said a Coke. Montana's is mostly known for their ribs, steaks, rotisserie chicken, in other words BBQ food and new to their menu, pasta and seafood. For the month of April they were promoting a new item:

A Loin Called Sir:

The server returned after a few minutes with our drinks. I was mortified when I received my Coke. Maybe it's just me but when I order a beverage at a restaurant I expect to receive it in a glass. I knew given the place I was dining in it would not be served in an elegant one but good grief! I looked at sister and she knew it as well. Oh boy, she was going to have to pay me back BIG TIME for insisting I have dinner in what can best be described as a log cabin. It took a good minute or so for me to get the following 3 words out of my mouth.

ME: What the hell?

So why was I mortified. 

See pic:

Yes my lovelies, the beverage I ordered came in a masonry jar stuffed with ice. One of the patrons nearby ordered what I think and hope was lemonade. {It was yellowy in color} Looking at it made me physically ill. Each time the patron picked it up to have a drink I couldn't help but think he was drinking urine from a jar. Oh, did you happen to notice the lovely table cloth? Correction the lovely paper covering the table? It was made from some type of brown wrapping paper. After we were done eating the waitress crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage before laying down a fresh one. Those with children, servers provided them with crayons so that kids could draw and color while they waited for their food to come out. The server returned once again to take our order. Here's what we ate:


Oven Baked Antojitos:

A spicy blend of cheese jalapeno, onion and red pepper, oven baked in a flour tortilla. Served with basil sour creme dip.

I was shocked. Shocked our food was presented on plates! Given the ambiance I was expecting to eat out of a trough. The appetizers were incredibly delicious. I loved the sour creme dip. It was almost milk like and not the thick stuff that comes in the containers.


I wasn't in the mood for any kind of BBQ food. The Princess was craving pasta! 

Seasoned chicken breast tossed in a roasted garlic rosé sauce with penne. Oven baked with mozerella and cheddar cheese. Served with toasted garlic bread.:

The food portions were quite large. Although I wasn't crazy about where I was, I will admit my meal was yummy~yummy.


Chipotle Buffalo Burger: A smoky chipotle breaded chicken breast tossed in our hot wing sauce and served on a tossed Kaiser with lettuce, tomato, and mayo served with fries.

The aroma coming from her burger screamed HOT & SPICY!! I took a bite and it was blazing hot, spicy good!!  


I was in absolute awe at the decor and baffled why this restaurant didn't make it into "S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants List." {Yes, that entire sentence was extreme sarcasm} As we ate I couldn't help but wonder if Laura Ingalls would make a sudden appearance or anyone else from Walnut Grove. 

Here are some pics:

Nailed on the wall behind sister was this amazing portrait:

To my left I had the pleasure of looking at this:

Where I live a frigging snow shoe is one of the last things I want to see especially after the awful winter weather that haunted us. I would have much preferred a flip~flop. Hmm, I suppose all the nature and woodsy related paintings and items on the wall gives off a warm and comfortable feel to the place. Again, living where I do out in the country surrounded by trees, I may as well have stayed home and ate facing the window if I wanted to experience "dining in the woods." I made mention of that to sister...several, several times as we ate, as we left the restaurant and on the drive back home.

Notice the moose~head hanging above the ATM:

Montana’s also has a bar and a couple of large TV’s so that you can watch the game while you eat and or drink:

For some reason this was hanging from the rafters:


If you’re looking to dine at a restaurant with a wilderness setting I suggest Montana’s Cookhouse Saloon. 

One last thing. Forget the linen napkins, patrons are given these instead:


My loyal and dear readers it’s finally Friday. T.G.I.F.

Whatever your plans are have a loving & warm weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess


Raquel's World said...

That is funny. I swear I've never seen a drink served in a Mason jar outside the hood.

Anonymous said...

I like that Moose!

Anonymous said...

I scratch my chin at this-- pasta at a saloon? Must be a way to get new customers. Happy weekend Latina.

Anonymous said...

I would have ordered the Loin!!

Red Shoes said...

Normally, when I lick my fingers, it's because I've been handling something else...That is so hilarious!!!


Georg said...

Bonjour Princess,

This food looks really tasty and makes me hungry, really.

Some of those dishes need a glass of good red wine.


Cocaine Princess said...

Bonjour Georg,
I agree!

BamaTrav said...

I love the woods so I love wood. Down home country style cooking is great eats. It sort of sounds like a Cracker Barrel if you have ever heard of one of those. Great stuff. Now I am hungry.

Slyde said...

ive seen a few places that serve drinks in those mason's jars now...

i guess its the new thing to do.