Friday, May 27, 2011

"Mermaids Tears"

****Update: Saturday May 28th 2011: "The Man With The Golden Typewriter"  {See end of post}****
 "My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold.

Come all you pretty fair maids, whoever you may be
Who love a jolly sailor bold that ploughs the raging sea.

My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold."

Cocaine Princess here.

My lovelies, I've had a very busy week so please excuse this quick but dazzling post.

Since the world did not come to an end on Friday I was able to have a great Long Weekend and more importantly my movie tickets did not go to waste. On Holiday Monday I went to see "Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides." Long time readers of my blog are well aware I am a HUGE fan of Johnny Depp.

PLOT: Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too.

THE VERDICT: Prior to the film's release to the general public I had read several different reviews. They were not kind, in fact one critic wrote the dullest movie of the summer......this movie should be sunk! I'm not sure why but the movies I enjoy the most are the ones that receive the worst reviews, and so on that note-- OMG, it was BEYOND BRILLIANT! Truly, I thought it was better than all 3 prior movies combined. I absolutely loved the storyline and the new cast of characters. As usual Johnny Depp was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I was a little disappointed that Keith Richards who plays Capt. Teague in the film didn't have too much of a role in this one. New to the film, Ian McShane who did an equally amazing job playing Blackbeard.

Are you dazzled yet? No, well this next part should do it for you:

2 Adult Tickets.... $24.00

1 Jumbo Bag Of Buttered Popcorn, 2 Cokes, 1 Kit~Kat bar {hidden behind popcorn}.... $22.96

The Colombian Princess having a swashbuckling time while watching her favorite actor Johnny Depp rock as Capt. Jack Sparrow...... PRICELESS


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have an awesome last weekend of May. Stay safe. ~x

Cocaine Princess

Saturday May 28th 2011
"The Man With The Golden Typewriter

Ian Flemings Goldplatetypewriter Royal Quiet de Luxe.

 "I wanted the simplest, dullest, plainest-sounding name I could think of.  James Bond seemed perfect." -Ian Fleming  

 Today is Ian Fleming's 103rd birthday.  

Fleming is best known for creating the fictional British spy James Bond and for a series of twelve novels and nine short stories about the character, which are one of the best-selling series of related novels of all time having sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

"According to notes from the archives of Random House, Fleming’s publisher, this concern with sobriety found its way into the novels: “Drink relaxed Bond. His only rule was not to get drunk but perhaps for 20 years he had hardly gone to bed cold sober. His other rules were not to drink at midday or after dinner, and never to drink liqueurs.” Why does 007 prefer his martinis “shaken and not stirred”? Lycett theorizes that Fleming thought stirring a drink diminished its flavors.
There are many reasons for James Bond’s appeal, including foreign locales, beautiful women and extreme danger. But a large part is certainly his love for the finer things (echoing the growth of our modern consumer culture), from clothes and cars to good food and well-made drinks. If you haven’t read Fleming’s novels, you might be surprised at the James Bond revealed within: a bored and somewhat cynical civil servant who sometimes drops his jacket on the floor. But as this section tries to show, you’ll also encounter a man who definitely knows what he wants, especially at cocktail hour. And if we ourselves live vicariously through 007, at least we can have a few great martinis on the way.

The only Bond theme to reach number one on the pop charts in the U.S. was Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill". 

FACT: 6 Actors have portrayed Bond:

Sean Connery - 7 Movies
George Lazenby - 1 Movie
Roger Moore - 7 Movies
Timothy Dalton - 2 Movies
Pierce Brosnan - 4 Movies
Daniel Craig - 2 Movies to date

The Spy Who Loved Me UK Quad
Who is your favorite Bond actor, villain and what is your favorite Bond film?

Cocaine Princess



Raquel's World said...

And $46.96 for a movie, popcorn, soda and a candy bar....SUCKS!

Here's how I do it
Redbox free rental
2 liter Coke w/ coupon 52cents
1 Jumbo Candy Bar $1
Popcorn- $1
$2.52 That's how I roll!

And I don't miss anything when I go pee. I got pause control baby! Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

Latina-- you must be high on something if you believed the movie was amazing.
Saw it with the GF. The plot, jokes were lame, JDs' acting was overkill and Ian McShane should walk the plan for agreeing to play Blackbeard.

Cocaine Princess said...

Anonymous at 9:40,
We're all entitled to our opinion and I stand firmly behind mine- AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's a coincidence that the popcorn is so salty? It's not. Salt makes you thirsty; Want a $10 coke with that popcorn?

Anonymous said...

Generally, movie theaters don't let you bring food into them, so they jack the prices up on their food because its technically the only food you can have, and it rakes in more money! Its ridiculous the prices nowadays.

Anonymous said...

although i am normally a law abiding citizen, i do sneak in soda and candy into movies! i know people who even pop popcorn and stick it in their bag! i don't go that far, i typically purchase popcorn (which is insanely expensive enough!) some movie theaters are more strict than others regarding outside food...once i walked in straight from dinner, and had a to go box with my leftovers. they made me take it back to my car! others don't mind if you walk in with a soda in hand. my question is, do they have the legal right to tell you that you can't bring in food?

Anonymous said...

The same reason why snacks can also be more expensive at convenience stores or airports.

Anonymous said...

i sneak food into the movies all the time-- concession price$ are a total ripoff. 5dollars for bottled water????

Anonymous said...

If my family wants to go see a movie I buy tickets at Costco. 2 for $14. We smuggle in our own water and snacks. Most of the time we just wait for movies to come out on Netflix because I refuse to waste money on something that ends up being crap. It's such a shame, the movies used to be a haven for people during the Great Depression because it was cheap entertainment. These days movies are a luxury due to the price.

Anonymous said...



1. Get a purse big enough to hold the food of your choice. Fill it on up.

2 .Cover the food with your wallet, a day planner, whatever. That way, if someone gets a look at the inside of your purse, they'll just see the stuff, not the food.

3.Mosey into the theatre. Act normal, and calm. Remember, no one will question a girl carrying a purse.

4. Sit relatively far away from other people, if possible. A few seats will do.


1. Boys are a bit harder than girls, but not impossible. The easiest way is to bring a man-purse. They are quite the new thing. Use the way described for girls.

2. Take advantage of the cold. Wad up your coat or jacket and hold it in your arm. Bundle food up in it. It will just look like you don't want to wear it inside.

3. Go with a girl. Have her bring the food in the way described above.

4. If you succeed in any of these, sit a few seats away from everyone else.


1. Stick things like candy bars in your sleeves. Hold your arms casually at your sides, and no one will look twice.

2. Have an accomplice wait outside of the EXIT doors at the back/side of the theatre with the food in a bag. Go into the theatre with a mostly empty backpack. Go to the back of the theatre, stuff the food underneath the things that were already in your backpack. Take care not to act too suspicious as you walk to the movie. Meet said accomplice inside the screening room.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

I just watch everything (illegally and FOC) online.

Hey, I live in China.

There's not netflix.

And all the movies are in CHINESE.

Anonymous said...

Nobody does it better than Connery!!
Best Bond Film- Thunderball
Worst- Moonraker: Space and spies don’t mix.
Best Villian- Odd Job from Goldfinger

Anonymous said...

I used to feel a little guilty about "smuggling" my own snacks in but since I see so many other people doing the same thing, the guilt is gone. Ain't no way I'm paying hotel mini bar prices. LAst I checked- 5bucks for a bag of Skittles!

Anonymous said...

Don't like Daniel Craig-- IMHO he didn't fit the Bond ctieria other than being British.
I agree @12:56 Sean Connery will always be the best Bond and the only Bond I will remember. George Lazenby only made one film so he is what you call a one hit wonder.

Bond Movie--- GOLDFINGER
BEST VILLIAN-- Auric Goldfinger

"Auric Goldfinger: You know nothing, Mr. Bond."

Georg said...

Congratulations, Princess, with this post you did hit it big.

Who made this poem at the beginning? Shakespeare again?

J.D. is amazing. Do you remember the movie where he is this strange boss of a chocolate factury?

So you pay 12 $ for a cinema ticket. Here in our small town this would be about 9 $.

As to my favorite James Bond actor, difficult to say. They are all, all, very very good. However, inspite of his Brit-sounding name, Daniel Craigh looks more like Soviet NKWD spy.

Cheers, Princess

Cocaine Princess said...

Bonjour Georg,
The poem was written by Hollywood film composer, Hans Zimmer. Check out his website:

RE: JD playing a strange boss: The film you are referring to is "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. He plays Willy Wonka.

Yes, you are correct about Daniel Craig!

BamaTrav said...

I actually heard that it was the best on since the original. I am going to go see it next weekend. xo

Harry said...

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Boston Jew said...

Love my some Pirates, but you HAVE to see Bridesmaids!!! (No homo)

Cocaine Princess said...

Boston Jew at 11:17,
Everyone I know who has seen the film has been telling me the same thing!