Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There's No Such Thing As Too Hot!!

Cocaine Princess here.

These past few days our region has been under an extreme heat~alert. Temperatures have been soaring as high as +38°C with no relief in sight anytime soon. It’s been so blistering hot here that it feels like you’re literally walking in one gigantic sauna and....... I’m totally loving it! After the long, tough and frigid winter we folks up here endured we gladly accept this heat~wave with loving and open arms. Is there anything better than letting the hot sun kiss your face? For us there’s no such thing as too hot. In fact there’s a long standing rule: "When the weather is hot, we’re not allowed to complain." We do enough whining and complaining during the winter and if you’re one of my loyal followers then you know it’s true seeing how I’ve blogged many times in my posts how much I loathe Mother Nature during the cold months.

The other day I heard something that made me think of the song, “Cruel Summer” by British pop group Bananarama. 

According to wikipedia Cruel Summer was released in 1983 and “it looked at the oppressive heat, the misery of wanting to be with someone as the summer ticked by. We've all been there!”

Many people associate this classic 80's tune with the movie “The Karate Kid:” The link is here but unfortunately disabled the audio. 

Swedish pop group “Ace Of Base” re~did the song a few years ago. I’m not a fan of remakes. Most of the time if not often the song gets butchered. I’m not sure why some musicians/bands allow it but I always find that nothing can compare to the original. Although I did like Britney Spears’ version of Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative.”

There are so many songs that I connect with summer~time and several of them come with great memories including Don Henley's “The Boys Of Summer.” 

And if you don't remember why, click here. 

So my lovely ones, when you think of summer what song{s} come to mind?

Cocaine Princess

P.S. Tomorrow we're expected to have one of the hottest days on record ever! Hmm.....I wonder if it'll be hot enough to test out the theory of whether or not you can fry an egg on the sidewalk?


elisecrets said...

I'm so jealous! Its July and its raining so badly in London. Its as if we now how have a monsoon season that cuts into our summer time :(

There are so many tunes to pick from for the summer. Am I driving? Am I chilling out sunbathing? Am I shopping? I think most tunes sound better in the summer than the winter... xx

Cocaine Princess said...

elisecrets at 7:59,
I agree, the choice of song can depend on whatever it is you're doing.

Whenever it's raining I always think of Rihanna's song "Umbrella."

The Constant Complainer said...

Every time I hear "Cruel Summer" I can't help buy think of "The Karate Kid." Great song and movie!

It's even been 95 degrees here in Cleveland!

KrippledWarrior said...


Red Shoes said...

It's been stupidly hot down here in the Mississippi Delta... the song that I recall is an old 'Lovin' Spoonful' song... "Summer In The City..."

However, it's been nice down here the past couple of days... :oD


Lotus07 said...

"Cruel Summer" takes me back to my college days.....damn, does that make me feel old.

As for summer songs...."Summer in the City"....classic from my youth that stands the test of time. Enough said.