Friday, July 22, 2011

I Giggled......Perhaps I Shouldn’t Have?

Cocaine Princess here.

Last week I went out to lunch with sister and two of her friends, a couple. The wife was my sister’s dorm room~mate back in university. I myself had also been invited and without even asking me sister answered on my behalf and said yes to the invite! We met up with them in the city at a newly opened restaurant I hadn’t had the pleasure of eating in yet but had heard very good things about it.

Sister’s friends aren’t exactly what I would call the life of the party. I have absolutely nothing in common with them. Anytime I'm around any of her acquaintances I get completely and utterly bored. As “A” and I began to walk up the few stairs that lead to the establishment's front door I pleaded with her one last time to let me bail.

A: Do you honestly think I’m going to say 'yes, it's okay to leave?'

I really hate it when she answers my question with a question because when I give her an answer it always turns out to be wrong.

ME: I do believe so. Give them my regards okay. See ya babe.

Just as I was about to make my way down the stairs sister grabbed a hold of my arm.

A: Oh no you don’t child.

Clearly I didn’t think this through very well. My mistake for not faking an illness or making up a non~existent appointment.

Entering inside stood a neatly dressed hostess standing behind a little table. On top was an open reservation book with gilded edges and on the wall nearby was a bronze plaque that read:

Reservations Required

Dress Code In Effect

Big points go to sister’s friends for selecting a restaurant that enforced the above rules! “A” informed the hostess we were meeting friends for lunch and the hostess upon hearing the name forwarded a message to us. Sister’s friends were running a little behind due to an
unforeseen emergency and would arrive there within the hour, and insisted we go ahead and order lunch.

Hmm.....unforeseen emergency......if only I could have come up with one that day.

We followed the hostess into the dining room where we were seated at a corner table for four. We decided not to eat until their arrival but went ahead and ordered drinks. A Coke for me, an Ice~Tea for “A” served to us by a waiter wearing white, spiffy gloves. Before I took a drink I did a quick check on my make~up by pulling out my compact. My lipstick was fading a tad bit so I reapplied it and then on top applied one coat of lip gloss sealant to prevent it from coming off during eating and drinking, therefore eliminating the need for constantly re~applying it. Tricks of the trade!....Although sometimes it’s nice to leave lipstick kisses all over your guy, right ladies? Sister commented on how pretty the shade was and then felt the need to say:

A: You look so tired darling. Your eyes are red.

In a panic I looked again at myself in the compact. She was right! My eyes were indeed a little red so I went digging back into my LV bag to get out the bottle of Visine. You know– to get the red out! Imagine my horror when I realized I had forgotten to pack it. Located around the corner was one of those big pharmacy chain franchises. Ah, the perfect excuse! I would “excuse” myself on account of a “make~up emergency.” In my world it happens to be a valid excuse...... Unfortunately sister didn’t quite agree. She continued:

A: I don’t quite understand why you wake up so early every single day? You don’t work 9~5 hours. Try spending a few more hours in bed.

ME: Don’t you think if I could, I would?

As I previously blogged Mr. Sandman has returned once again and by that I mean I’m sleeping so much better but I can’t seem to sleep more than 4 hours. I’m asleep by midnight and awake by 4:30-5am-ish. No matter how hard I try I can’t fall back to sleep so instead of just laying there in bed getting bedsores I get up and begin my work out. As I was in the middle of explaining all this to “A” my cell phone rang. It was my best friend, Valentina.

V: Cara Mia, que paso?

ME: Having lunch with sister.

V: Are you there by choice or by force?

ME: I was drugged and then dragged here against my will.

I thought my answer was amusing but the look on sister's face told a different story.

V: That’s what I thought. Ugh, what God forsaken place did she take you to this time– that place that serves Happy Meals?

ME: No, it’s actually a Princess~Approved restaurant.

Interested in knowing where I was I snapped a pic and emailed it to her with the 411.

V: I got wind of a juicy piece of news. You ready to hear it?

My level of curiosity rose several levels.

ME: Lay it on me.

V: On the weekend cousin was dj’ing at a party and you’ll never believe who was there? Guess?

Before I even had a chance to take my next breath she spoke.

V: Senor Bling....and his new girlfriend.

And just like that my level of curiosity plummeted as if it were a stock market on the verge of  crashing.

ME: Valentina, I’m going to hang up now. 

To Be Continued.....


Yesterday we broke the record by hitting +38.3(C), with the humidex it felt like +48C. 
It was literally like standing in front of a blazing fire and for the life of me I don't understand why my neighbors were grilling their dinner. Considering how hot it was all they needed to do was throw the steaks on the burning hot sidewalk and they would have been cooked in under 5 minutes.

 Hmm, then again we folks up here have been known to grill in extreme cold weather 


My loyal and dear readers it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a sweet weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess 

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