Friday, September 2, 2011

"It's What Younger Siblings Do"

Cocaine Princess here.

Sorry for the short post-- been a busy week!

Can you believe the last long weekend of summer is here?

Although the grass and leaves are still green and the weather is still hot, during these past 2 weeks I’ve been noticing the subtle, little changes indicating Fall is around the corner: not hearing the birdies chirp in the early morning, the position of the sun and the way it shines is a little different and not to mention the sun has been setting a little earlier. I really am not looking forward to Fall because it brings us only that much closer to wintertime. However I am excited about the up coming Fall/Winter fashion season. It’s one of the busiest times for me.

During the entire months of July and August Mother Nature spoiled us with record~breaking temperatures. It’s been one very hot and dry summer. Weather~guy has called for humid temperatures this weekend and here’s hoping the scorching weather remains all September long.

September also signifies Back To School so sister will be returning once again into the classroom to teach and nurture a brand new crop of little ones.

All week long I’ve been annoying her by acting like a human calendar by reminding her exactly how many days are left until she goes back to work. She requested that I stop and when I flat out refused sister questioned why I kept bugging her? My reply:

ME: It’s what younger siblings do!


Monday is Labor Day and part of my long weekend plans include going to the movies. I’ll be finally getting around to see “Fright Night.” Has anyone seen it? I watched the original a couple of years ago so it’ll be interesting to see how the remake compares. Also opening this weekend, “Shark Night 3D.” Both movies seem good enough to sink my teeth into. So my lovelies, what are some of your Long Weekend Plans?


My loyal and dear readers, it’s finally FRIDAY-- aka HAPPY DANCE TIME!!

Whatever your plans are have a fantastic and safe long weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess 


Bathwater said...

Lucky here Labor day weekend is also the same weekend for one of the best Art, Food and Music festivals. So I will be hopefully enjoying a few days of that!

Georg said...

Hello Princess,

On those photos you regularly show I see a girl dressed in colorful stuff. Now you say you are exited about the Winter fashion.

Well, I have seen this next season's tendency in my wifes catalogues and I think there is not very much to be excited. Complicated ugliness and dark color, that's the direction, I think (at least here in France).


Cocaine Princess said...

Hello Georg at 10:42,
Hmm, interesting considering what I saw on the runway from the designers in France-- YSL, is bold animal prints!!

Red Shoes said...

Hey you... did you get to see 'Fright Night?' Is it good?? I think I would like it... the original was kind of scary... kind of hokey...

We had a terribly long, hot, dry summer here in the Mississippi Delta. The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee are coming through today so its a fantastic 75 degrees with intermittent rain. It's about time.

I trust all is well with you.


Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 2:20,
Hi Red! Seeing Fright Night tomorrow!

All is well, thanks for asking and I do hope all is well with you too.

*^_^* said...

I've watched Fright Night, and I was disappointed, and I still am. Oh man, I need cocaine.....

Cocaine Princess said...

Anonymous at 11:34,
Sorry you were disappointed, that happens a lot with remakes.

RE: "Oh man, I need cocaine....."

Not sure how to respond back to that statement. {I'm speechless, truly}

Red Shoes said...

Hey you... you have seen it by now... What is your take on the remake? ;o)

Things are ok... the situation with my sister will be resolved over time, and I know where it is heading... Ihavent decided whether or not to write about it openly...

Anyway... spill the beans about the remake of 'Fright Night'...


Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 1:10,
I totally liked it! {It's funny because the films that get the worst reviews are the ones I turn out liking the most and I don't know why!}

There were elements that were similar to the original. One major difference, all the characters in the film believe early on Colin Ferrel is a vampire. I thought it was cool how actor Chris Sarandon from the original Fright Night makes a brief cameo appearance in the film.