Friday, October 28, 2011

Pre-Schoolers and Whiskey

Cocaine Princess here.

I took this picture one morning.


Is it just me or don't these little kids look as if they belong to a baby prison chain gang rather than a pre-school?

I snapped this picture during Thanksgiving Weekend at the LCBO. Sister needed to pick up a couple of drinkies for our dinner. The guy you see in the snapshot was setting up a display for the store's "Whiskey Rocks" promotion which included sampling. He asked if I wanted a drink.

ME: No thank you.

WHISKEY PUSHER: You're right, it's only 10:30 in the morning.

A customer nearby:

CUSTOMER: It's 5pm somewhere in the world. Pour me one.


My Lovelies, do accept my apologizes for the short post. Another busy week and time didn't permit me to post my usual smashing Friday entries which I all know you wait and crave for. Next week I've got a really good entry. Well I think so! 

My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a devilish weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess



Red Shoes said...

And the same weekend wishes for you, dear. I passed a group of little day care kids that attend a nursery here at Alluvial Flood Plain State University... they were dressed in their Hallowe'en costumes... my favorite was the one dressed like Godzilla... lmbo...


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