Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

 Cocaine Princess here.

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard about its' return nor could I believe my eyes when I saw it. It wasn't until I tasted it I knew it was true and I wasn't dreaming. 

After 5 long years it made a comeback. Mmm, it was delicious, minty, so smooth and creamy as it went down my throat. Ohhh, it was heaven. Yum! 

So what am I talking about my lovely readers?

The McDonald's Shamrock Shake!

Check out the nutritional value:
820 calories
23 g of fat
18 g of protein
135 g of carbs
115 g off sugar

What You Could Have Instead:
3.6 small fries

1 bacon, egg & cheese biscuit
1.5 hamburgers
4.3 orders of hot cakes
8 soft baked chocolate chip cookies

I'm very careful when it comes to what I eat but once in awhile it's okay to indulge (as was the case yesterday) St. Patrick's Day comes once a year and after today they'll be no longer available or at least that's what I thought. For us in the Great White North they'll be sticking around until April. I had no idea how many people were huge fans of the pure McDeliciousness in a cup that an independent website is dedicated to the elusive concoction by having people submit their shake sightings by state/province.


"May Your Pockets Be Heavy
And Your Heart Be Light,
May Good Luck Pursue You
Each Morning & Night."

 May you all in someway find your Pot of Gold today.
Wishing my loyal & dear readers a
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Cocaine Princess


Red Shoes said...

Good evening, Princess...

I'm thinking that Shamrock Shake could have used some vodka... maybe... :oD


Cocaine Princess said...

Good Evening Red Shoes,
A Shamrock Shake laced with vodka-- hmm, McDonalds' needs to get a McLiquor license.

Slyde said...

thats too funny. I took mini-me to mickey d's the other day and saw they had it, but only AFTER i ordered already. i was bummed.

Bathwater said...

I like that McLiquor license!

I never liked the Shamrock Shakes, I used to love the vanilla, I haven't had one of those in years though.