Friday, May 31, 2013

Mayor Quimby

Cocaine Princess here.

I’ll be the first to admit when it comes to Canadian politics it's pretty boring. Our elections come and go, no nasty political mud slinging ads and no scandals, until now that is. This Canadian political scandal made England's Daily Mail and The Guardian so perhaps some of my loyal readers across the border have heard about it? The city’s mayor Rob Ford has been allegedly caught on tape smoking a crack pipe with 2 Somali-Canadian drug dealers. 

Two reporters from Canada's largest newspaper were contacted  to view a cellphone video taken by a drug dealer that appears to show Toronto's mayor Rob Ford smoking a crack pipe.  Pictured in the center: The city's pride and joy, aka Mayor Ford sandwiched between the two dealers.

The reporters and the paper stand by their story of viewing a video of the mayor smoking a crack pipe. The dealer is selling the footage for $200,000.

When the story hit the front page of the paper the mayor remained silent. The crack scandal saga became not just night time fodder for U.S. late-night talk show hosts like Jon Stewart and Jay Leno but even Mick Jagger who did a concert here on the weekend decided to join in on the fun by stating, We're going to crack on with the show now.

Website Gawker began a Crackstarter campaign to raise the money in order to buy the cellphone video. 8 days after the scandal the Mayor finally released a statement: “The video doesn’t exist. I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine.” And to further fan the flames he went onto say in regards to the media, they are a bunch of maggots.Gawker was quick to respond back: “He did not say, as one who has never smoked crack cocaine might say, ‘I have never smoked crack cocaine.” The next day Ford apologized to the media for his maggot comment.  So far his press secretary and his deputy have resigned along with 3 other staffers. Hmm, could it be they are trying to distance themselves from him?

When there's a press conference that has to do with a city related issue (such as the city's infrastructure) rather than stay on topic the press floods the mayor with questions regarding the video and whether or not he has a drug problem, to which the mayor responds by walking out of the room without saying a word. How long does he think he can continue to remain tight lipped? Does he think if he ignores the crack scandal the story will eventually get swept under the rug? He must be smoking something if he's under that impression. Gawker has reached its goal of $200,000 to buy the video but says it lost contact with the drug dealer reported to be shopping it around the previous week. 

Ever since this mayor took office it’s been one scandal after the next: reading books while driving, getting caught drinking and driving, getting wasted at baseball games and abusing other fans, feeling up his colleagues and believe it or not he’s gotten away with each and everyone of them. In regards to this latest matter, I have a feeling it’s not going away anytime soon. As the press continues to cover this 24/7,  now comes news that his brother, Doug Ford, a city councilor, was a major trafficker of hashish during the 1980s, and if that isn’t bad enough, yesterday it was reported  Mayor Ford told his staffers not to worry about the video because he knows its location.

My thoughts on the whole matter? I have two. Thought #1: The journalists who viewed the video work for a legitimate and respected paper and not a sleazy tabloid so there must be some truth to it, right?  Thought #2 has more to do with his appearance in particular his weight. 

I'm afraid if he continues stuffing his face with KFC he's going to burst wide open, similar to when Jaws gets blown up resulting in his guts spilling everywhere. Sheesh, his cholesterol level must be through the roof!

At this rate I think Mayor Quimby could do a better job running the city.


My loyal and dear readers, it’s finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have an amazing 1st weekend of June. ~x

Cocaine Princess


Gorilla Bananas said...

He should admit everything and sentence himself to 6 months in a fat farm. Do you have a way of removing a sitting mayor through a city council or a popular vote?

Cocaine Princess said...

Gorilla Bananas at 2:29,
Unfortunately he can't be impeached. (I agree with him going to a fat farm)

Miss Stormy Marples said...

Politics--it's an ugly business.

I don't care for all the lies and selfishness myself.

Working where I do I've learned a lot and that is "You have no friends at work." Or at least that should be one's thoughts. "Trust no one." Took me some years to learn this one. And people are not whom they ever seem to be especially those spouting off "how good they are".

I don't socialize at the day job anymore. And I work with a bunch of people like the one u blogged about.

Wisdom sometimes comes at a cost. One learns to discern whom to trust.

I don't know what to say about ur Mayor. I have too many unspeakables in my own land.

I thought of u last night as I had to do some clothes shopping. U know I'm not a shopper but I've become one as of late. Probably because I've had to update my wardrobe. One side note. Gatsby. Tiffany's has some of the most beautiful pearls. They advertised them in the New York Times. Gatsby pearls. I would love love love love love to have some. I actually cut the photo advertisement out and am thinking about seriously buying them. They cost a mint but I am a big big big pearl fan and these are too die for.

Happy Mommy said...

I thought crack made you lose weight?

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 9:26
Tiffany's released a special Gatsby line of gorgeous jewels, my fave is the headpiece Daisy wears in the movie. Pearls make for a good investment-- they never go out of style & go with nearly everything. Did you any clothes while shopping?

Happy Mommy at 9:28,
You make an excellent point!

Miss Stormy Marples said...

Yes. I did buy some clothing. All black. I, apparently, have lost some weight. How I do not know but when ur slacks might slide down ur hips and show the world ur bum. It's time to go shopping. I wear mostly black slacks at work. And pair them up with colorful blouses or accessories. I love brooches, pearls, silver jewelry. I did buy some black pumps last night and also some silver looking "coffee swirls" I thought how absolutely appropriate. I have to wear black at Coffeehouse and am trying to dress it up a bit with a white blouse and ruffled sleeves. I haven't worn my pearls to Coffeehouse lately and I need too. I might tonight. We'll see. It was stormy last night here. My friend "R" is struggling with depression. It is having an effect on me as well. I shopped with a purpose last night. Clothes that would fit. I didn't want to buy too many for I have a feeling I will be losing some weight. Why I can't tell u? I just feel it in my bones.

Red Shoes said...

Politics is smarmy... is that a word?? They lie to you, the voter... they lie to and about the other party/parties... they lie to the press... they lie to their spouses and lovers.

Dayum... I should go into politics!!!


PS: the word, 'planking' is in the comment moderation block!

Bathwater said...

Crack is such a useless drug. Look at the company he keeps while doing it. I guess if he did concentrate on doing crack it would take care of his weight problem though-- if it doesn't give him a heart attack first.

The thing with crack is you are hitting the pipe every 20 minutes or less to maintain the high. It doesn't leave a mayor for much time to do anything else.