Friday, June 7, 2013


Cocaine Princess here.

Whenever I have a long and busy week, when Friday arrives it's like a breath of fresh air. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I made it!

I do realize you were expecting a spectacular post, time prevented me from posting one. If I could wipe away your tears from utter disappointment I would, however I leave you with this:

As most of you know I have a sweet tooth and today happens to be "National Dougnut Day" and in honor of it Dunkin’ Donuts launched a new doughnut breakfast sandwich that will be added to their menu beginning today, Fried eggs and bacon between a split glazed donut.

Maybe it's the monthly hormones talking because I'm finding this breakfast temptation extremely delicious but unfortunately there's no Dunkin' Donuts in the land of the Maple Leaf. What can I say? We are a nation of Tim Hortons addicts. 

And in case you're wondering, the grease filled sandwich is only 360 calories and 20 grams in total fat. Eating one won't hurt, right?


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a fabulous weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess


Miss Stormy Marples said...


They are delicious. No?

And bacon to boot with it.


As always, it is such a joy to see ur Thursday post up.

Staying in touch. So very very very very important.

Have a blessed and restful Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm too busy admiring your hourglass figure to comment on your culinary preferences, Miss Princess. You don't need my dietary advice, but no I don't think one would hurt, provided that it's one a day.

Red Shoes said...

Good morning, You!!

Today is National Doughnut Day??

Holy Crap!!

I wish we had a good bakery in town that made good doughnuts!

A sandwich with doughnuts and bacon?

How insanely brilliant!!!!!!

I wonder when National Pearl Necklace Day is?? Something like that probably deserves a Week... or even a Month!!

Just sayin'... ;o)


Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 1:19,
Have a great weekend.

Gorilla Bananas at 4:33,
Thank You. I agree, one won't hurt.

Red Shoes at 8:58,
And here I thought I was cheeky!

Bathwater said...

Shoes there is a day for everything. I look forward to the weekend coming due to a lack of excitement during the week.

Red Shoes said...

I know,Bathwater... I wonder when/if there will ever be a ~shoes~ day... and what all it would entail... :oD


Bruce Johnson said...

Quoting the number of calories in a donut and saying it is healthy is like driving a Ferrari and never taking it out of 1st gear.

Red Shoes said...

Was I being cheeky, Princess??

I sure hope so!!!!!


Cocaine Princess said...

Bathwater & Red Shoes,
You're right Bathwater, there is a day for everything. I couldn't find "Pearl Necklace Day" but there is however "International Sex Day" (which I was unaware existed) & it's celebrated every August 21st.

Red Shoes said...

Only ONE day for International Sex Day??

Why... EVERYDAY should be International Sex Day...

Just sayin'...


Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes,
I totally agree.