Friday, October 7, 2011

Part 7: “Sex Is Natural, Sex Is Fun, Sex Is....”

Cocaine Princess here.

To Review:

Question: Is playing footsies considered flirting or just good old fashioned fun?

While pondering this serious question it happened again. Seriously I was beginning to get a little ticked off!  I was wearing open~toed stiletto sandals and I was concerned the polish on my pedicure tootsies were getting scuffed and......

this time the individual wasn't shy in letting me know who they were.

Hang on to your seats Lovelies as you’re about To Find Out WHO it was!! You know, if this was a weekly television series at this exact moment a commercial would be inserted.  

“Sex Is Natural, Sex Is Fun, Sex Is Best....”
AKA Part 7: I Giggled......Perhaps I Shouldn't Have?

It was sister. She called my name several times in a row but I didn’t hear it. I guess she thought by kicking me and I’m going to use that word instead of playing footsies since it was neither husband or the wife, that would get my attention. I was off in my own little world and didn’t hear my name being called at all since I was a tad pre~occupied reading Valentina’s never-ending messages. I decided to turn my phone back on and had it on vibrate on account of a horrible scenario that kept playing over and over in my head:  Shortly after arriving I texted Valentina the name of the bistro. I was almost certain if I didn’t turn my phone back on our waiter would approach me to say, “Excuse me miss, but there is an urgent long distance phone call for you.”I know that may sound a little crazy and extreme but remember this is Valentina I’m talking about. Valentina if you’re reading this-- you know I love you girl. Besitos! I’m not going to lie, my curiosity was peaked as a part of me wanted to know exactly what type of questions the new girlfriend of his name who shall not be mentioned was asking about and why? I texted a query to Valentina but my finger was hoovering over the send button. As curious as I was a part of me felt it was best to “leave it alone.” I decided to come back to earth and rejoin the others at the table. The wife had asked me a direct question, “if I was enjoying my summer?” From what I was told the question was asked by her three times in a row, and for this reason alone sister felt that I deserved a kick? I was sitting directly across from her. Good grief! She easily could have just tapped my hand or even grabbed it. I smiled while nodding my head and replied, “Yes.” The wife had a look on her face as if I was in the middle of telling her an amazing story and had abruptly stopped for no reason. I turned to her husband who more or less had the same look on his face. Sheesh, was my answer of “YES” not sufficient enough? Pfft! Apparently not! I explained although the summer months are usually a slow time for me I was passing my time quite nicely and looking forward to the fall~winter season, for work that is. Finally a look a satisfaction came across their faces. At that point I hadn't checked on my pedicure yet and in case the polish had been nicked, I sent a telepathic warning to sister
there would be hell to pay.”

Question:  Are you disappointed it was neither the husband or the wife? I ask because of some of the comments I received especially where many of you thought it was the wife inviting me to a Ménage à trois. The thought of this extra curricular activity may get some of your blood pumping in more ways than one but my thoughts on the matter? I do believe George Michael said it best: “Sex is natural, Sex is fun, Sex is best when it' on one.” To be honest they didn’t really look the type. Then again I’m not sure what qualifies as a type of look that would indicate a couple is into, well you know. I mean it’s not like they go around holding up a sign, right?

I’m going to have to end this post here and yes I know I haven’t gotten to the Giggles part yet. I also understand a few of you may think I’m dragging this post out. I’m sorry you feel that way but if time permitted me to post 2~3 entries a week I would and therefore this amazing series would have ended several weeks ago. I do however appreciate each of you stopping by and reading my entries.


It’s our Long Weekend up here. Harvest Time aka Thanksgiving. A day where we give thanks to the farmers for all that they do. If there are any readers from The Great White North: “Happy Thanksgiving.” If not: “Happy Thanksgiving To Me.”

My loyal and dear readers it’s finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a beautiful weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess


Slyde said...

couldnt you have just lied to us and told me it was the wife?

as for threesomes, dont knock em till you tried 'em....

Anonymous said...

Latina-- Gobble, Gobble.

Red Shoes said...

Hey you... I think playing footsies can be romantic... mmm... I wouldnt want to play footsies with MY sister... HAH!!

Fantasies such as threesomes, I've read, more often than not are best left as fantasies... When we play things out like this in our heads, we do tend to leave the chaos and melodrama out of it all...

Thank you ever so much for your nice thoughts and comments on my post re: my Mom... I do miss her so much.


Cocaine Princess said...

Jim at 3:11,
You're very welcome.

I know the feeling: Birthdays, holidays are the hardest and can be so bittersweet.....

Lotus07 said...

I am not so much interested in what the giggling was about as much as I am to find out what ever happened to the dumbest guard dog on the planet.

Bathwater said...

Well there is nothing sexier than picturing two beautiful girls with a guy, expecially if I am the guy. After such a long wait, it was a little anti-cilmatic.

Cocaine Princess said...

Bruce at 7:19,
No worries, winter vaycay isn't too far away.....I'll be posting updates then.