Friday, October 14, 2011

Truth or Dare

Cocaine Princess here.

Why is it always so hard to get back on schedule after a long weekend, especially a weekend that was filled with food, food and more food?! This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving. Up in these parts Thanksgiving arrives a little earlier than my neighbors down south. It's always observed on the second Monday of October. 

We don't remember or pay tribute to pilgrims. There are no football games, no big parades {although I do love watching The Macy’s Parade during the US Thanksgiving} nor is there the next day shopping frenzy known as Black Friday. Our version is pretty simple: we give thanks for a successful harvest, a custom that dates back to ancient European festivities that celebrated the bounty of the harvest and enough food to survive the winter. 

Although we are commonly referred to up here as the Great White North, the weather during Harvest weekend turned out to be shocking and spectacular. People were wearing shorts and tees and not sweaters! It’s very rare I have anything pleasant to say to Mother Nature especially during the fall~winter months but the lady deserves a heavy round of applause for bringing us temperatures as high as +27C.

Over the holidays sister and I were invited to two different dinners. Monday was our turn to hold Thanksgiving Dinner. Over the course of three days never in my life have I ate so much. I now fully understand the phrase “food coma” and “I think my stomach’s about to burst! We had a cozy group of close friends that came over, one of whom brought these absolutely awesome bottles of wine.

And did I mention the sinful desserts from Godiva? Yes my lovelies, not one but two boxes of Red Velvet Truffles and one box of Chocolate Éclair Truffles. Wine and truffles......the perfect pairing!

How cool are the bottles? The wine is from Legends Estates Winery located in Niagara~On-The~Lake. Legends President Paul Lizak wanted to make a wine bottle to catch the attention of newcomers and advocates alike and came up with the idea to create a tattoo wine label. He contacted local Niagara Falls tattoo artist Bob Paulin, whose artistic work has been featured on Live With Regis and Kelly. “Legends Estates President Paul Lizak describes inspiration for the product as “…always trying to create a unique wine package that offers something new.”

“In Wine There Is Truth; In Truth There Is Wine.” 

Like wine in the glass, Truth is fluid, forever changing, and open to interpretation, nothing exists in reality except for Truth. We've stayed true to the essence of each grape used to craft this white blend. Discover Truth revealed in the fresh fruit flavors with spice. Well~balanced to be easily enjoyed, this is one Truth you'll want to share.

"Truth is sheathed in a bright green bottle sleeve and bears the image of an angel. Like wine in the glass, the basis of Truth is found in its fluidity, forever changing and always open to interpretation."

Tasting Note: Pale straw; floral, watermelon and citrus aromas; dry, light body; soft fruit flavors.

Flavor:  Experience fresh and fruity flavors mingled with hints of soft spice.
“Live to Dare~Dare To Live” 

Deep down, we all possess the desire to Dare- to be bold, brave and adventurous. Indulge your darker side and Dare to drink this red wine blend ripe with notes of red berries and hints of spice. Enjoy this Dare on its own, or make it a Double Dare for two....
"The lightness of Truth is accentuated by the bold flavors of Dare. This Dare is about indulging your darker side, as the devil across the front label suggests.  The deep red package perfectly projects the characteristics of this red hot blend, which are rich with red berry flavors and layers of spice."

Tasting Note: Ruby red color; raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and cedar aromas with a touch of spice; dry, medium bodied; fruit replays on the palate with soft tannins to finish.

Flavor: This medium-bodied red is ripe with notes of red berries and spice.

Like the spooky and cool wine goblets? I think they fit in quite well.

Even though there has been pain and heartache, I’ve been very fortunate and I'm thankful for being blessed with such an amazing life, {knock wood!!} but it would mean nothing without having good health and being surrounded by my loved ones-- something I am truly grateful for and appreciate every single day because without them my life would be empty.

 I also am thankful I had a shoot one week earlier rather than one week later otherwise Thanksgiving Weekend aka 3 Day Food Fest would have meant me eating a salad and washing it down with a can of Slim~Fast.   


My loyal and dear readers it’s finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a phenomenal weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess


Bathwater said...

The art work looks very similar to the them I am creating on my sleeve of tattoos on my left arm.

Wednesday I am actually adding another piece.

Red Shoes said...

I love those wine bottles!!

Happy Belated Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

With a name like 'Truth or Dare,' I was thinking we were about to get kinky here!! ;o)


Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes at 2:44,
Hmm.....that would make a very interesting post.

Slyde said...

i'd kill for those chololcates right about now...

Red Shoes said...

I think a VERY interesting post... ;o)