Friday, October 12, 2012

"I Thought It Was A Rhetorical Question"

Cocaine Princess here.

Never have I been so glad for a long weekend to come to an end. In case you didn't read my post from last week {and if you didn't shame on you!} it was Thanksgiving Long Weekend. Unlike most of my lovelies who live across the border, up here in the Great White North we celebrate Turkey Day on the 2nd Monday in October. 

The festivities began last Friday and carried on until this past Monday. To sum it up it was an "Eat, Drink & Be Merry" kind of long weekend. There was no turkey for me simply because I don't like turkey-- I just never developed a taste for the bird but there was plenty of other delicious food to eat. The long weekend of over~eating consisted of friends coming over for a big meal and going out with friends for a big meal. I had a very hard time controlling my appetite while my sweet tooth had a blast indulging in chocolate cake and pecan pie. 

When Monday {Thanksgiving} arrived it was sister and I’s time to celebrate the holiday and we did so by having a very laid back one and that meant ordering a large pizza and wedges. Is there anything more laid back than ordering take out and eating it on the couch?

Here’s a pic of our meal I posted on instagram.

Later that same evening I was getting my outfit ready for Tuesday, I was heading into the city. Part of getting ready for me includes making sure my purse matches my outfit. Since I selected a black mini sweater dress I decided to go with my black LV Murakami bag. As I was doing the purse transplant (Definition- removing items from one purse and putting them in another) I noticed my driver’s license was missing. It wasn’t where it usually was- behind the plastic window slot in my wallet. “What the hell?” I muttered.  I dumped everything out in my purse onto the floor and searched through the items. No driver's license. Next, I thoroughly examined and checked every single pocket and zipper. No driver’s license. Where the hell could it have gone? It couldn’t have just got up and walked away. I was left baffled. Even though I was dreading it I knew I had to ask sister. I said a silent prayer before doing so.

ME: Have you seen my driver’s license?

SISTER: Why? Don’t tell me you lost it?

ME: Did I say that I did? No.

SISTER: Then why would you ask me that question?

ME: Because I can’t find it. I swear I don’t know what happened.

SISTER: When was the last time you took it out?

ME: I don’t know.

And that was the honest truth. It’s not like I’m constantly taking it out of my wallet like my credit card. I thought long and hard and kept drawing a blank.

SISTER: How does one even lose their license?

I remained silent.

SISTER: Hello? I’m talking to you.

ME: I thought it was a rhetorical question.

SISTER: It wasn’t.

ME: I don’t know.

Again, that was the truth.

SISTER: How can you be so careless?

She continued on for another couple of minutes. Now you understand why I was dreading asking her? Whenever I need to ask a simple question from sister that requires a yes or no answer, she must always reply in the form of a lecture.

ME: We don’t know for sure if I lost it, okay? Maybe I misplaced it.  

SISTER: You need to be more careful. Where is your head these days?

ME: Last time I checked it was still attached to my neck.

SISTER: Don’t get cheeky with me.

I ask you my lovelies, how in the world was I being cheeky? She asked a question and I answered it.

The next day I went to the DMV. Most people cringe at the thought of having to go to the DMV but luckily for me one of their offices happens to be located in one of the major malls. See, every cloud has a silver lining.

After patiently waiting 40mins my turn came. I was given a temporary license and was informed I would receive a new one in the mail within the next 30 days.
I’m going to go off topic here and discuss a pet peeve of mine and it involves the mall. To be more specific– the elevator. I entered into the mall on level one. The DMV was located on the ground level so I had to take the elevator. When the elevator doors open why do people who are waiting to board stand directly in front of the doors and rush to step inside? Are they under the impression if they don’t get on right away they will never be able to ride it ever again? I wish some people had the common sense and courtesy to stand a few feet back and allow people to exit in an orderly fashion rather than push their way in without paying any disregard to the people who are trying to exit. Hmm, I feel better now that I’ve vented.


My loyal and dear readers, it’s finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have an awesome weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess


Miss Stormy Marples said...

As always I love reading ur blog.

Wedges with pizza that is a new one for me but I love both so yummy.

Ditto on the elevator. Usually this is where I become a smart ass and say "Well, excuse me." Sarcastically of course but u have to understand I am usually riding the elevator with thugs with their pants to their hanging off their bums.

Trying to keep out of hospital. They r concerned about fever and my loss of hearing plus fluid in lungs. They r saying u have to be careful with these things. I am not making light of situation. However, Buttons has medical needs too. I can't just drop him off and expect him to be happy and taken his meds plus my friends have their obligations with kids and families. Buttons needs to be around limited people. I would be worried to death about him and not resting at all if admitted to hospital. It really is not a win-win situation.

Men. What can I say when u get my age, the men I date have baggage. Teddy Bear Cop is recently divorced. Kids grown. Both parents passed this last year most recently his father. He is going to Chicago a lot to deal with estate. I keep him at arm's length because he is vulnerable right now. Truthfully, I think I am better single. Dating but single. Men r complicated. Especially the older they get. U would think women would be the ones more complicated but no. Anywho--

I truthfully do not feel bad just tired. But a lot has been going on. My stepmom and half sister r meeting in Florida this week for vacation. They asked me to join. I wish I could have.

I have got to tweak my life a wee bit. I need to find more down time.

Love ur stories. The lose of ur driver's license concerns me. Follow ur credit record to insure no identity theft.

I love turkey. I am sorry it is not ur favorite. I made a ham one time for my mom's and my Thanksgiving. I had to work that day one year and when I got home I could not find any ham. My mom sheepishly said she ate the whole thing. She was not feeling well. Imagine that with her having blood pressure issues and diabetes. It is a joke now but I told her never again would I make a ham for her. She loves ham but has no constraint. U would think she would be as big as a house but she is not.

I was so wanting a slice of ham too. My mom does a lot of funny things. I will have to tell u about the time I pulled up in driveway and all the shrubs from the front of house had been pulled up and sitting on curb for pickup. I sat dumbfounded in the driveway thinking what in the hell. She sheepishly giggled then too with her explanation. I was livid. Those four years living were her tested my patience greatly. But she was the best doggie sitter for Buttons and Patches and loved them so that I gave her a lot of leeway.

Luv u bunches.

StormyDawn and Patches

Red Shoes said...

Pizza for Thanksgiving... why not? :oD

Re: Driver's License... one time when I went out West, I realized that I had forgotten my drivers' license. I came up with all kinds of scenarios where I might encounter a road block, or something, and because I didn't have my DL with me, I would be locked up.

I just don't think that would be fun.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Maples at 4:29,
Thanks so much for the comment. As always I enjoy your comments.

Red Shoes at 11:56,
Yeah, jail is never a good scenario. Have a great weekend too.

Bathwater said...

Wow the real question here is why is the DMV in the mall?

Cocaine Princess said...

Bathwater at 3:11,
Whatever the reason, I'm just thankful-- talk about convenience.

Heff said...


Miss Caught Up said...

Okay, wedges and pizza for Thanksgiving!? That is awesome :) I love wedges and pizza!

I agree with you about the whole elevator fiasco! It's completely rude that people stand in the way of the entrance/exit! I, too, wish people would step aside to let people off the elevator first!

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Potatoes and pizza. Yes! Carb loading! That's good because we need winter weight.

Cocaine Princess said...

Kenneth Noisewater at 11:14,

That's the worst part of winter: hibernation weight!